Everything You Need For Your Glamping Holiday This Summer

By Natasha Van Der Laan
1st Dec 2015

Summer is finally here—hooray! It’s time to embrace the great outdoors and get your camp on. But for those of us who enjoy the finer things in life, the concept of passing the summer by in a tent might seem somewhat horrifying. Fear not, kicking it in a tent needn’t mean you have to rough it. The answer, friends, is glamping.

Glamping? That’s right, it’s camping with glamour and is the perfect way to spend quality time with Mother Nature without losing your sanity—or breaking a nail. To help you out, we’ve searched far and wide to bring you a list of the ultimate glamping accessories. 

Circular Canvas Tent 

First things first, you’re gonna need a tent. But we don’t mean one of those ugly, run-of-the-mill contraptions that are so tiny you spend summer doubled over like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We’re talking about this ooh la la Lotus Bud tent from Lotus Belle. The circular canvas tent has a 2.7m diameter so there’s plenty of room for activities. And, with height of 2.3m, even the tallest of friends will be able to walk around inside on tiptoes. It features a super wide entrance and two generously sized windows to create optimum indoor-outdoor flow.

VW Kombi Tent 

If you want to have the grooviest tent at the campground, look no further than Baa’s VW Flower Power tent. The novelty tent is a replica of the iconic VW kombi van and is sure to be the talk of the campground. The bright yellow tent divides into two rooms and will comfortably fit four people/hippies. This tent is your ticket for a summer of lurrrve! Groovy baby.

Queen Airbed With Frame 

Calling all Princess and the Pea types. You’re too good to sleep on the floor and the friendly folk at Kiwi Camping know how to treat you like the princess you really are. Their Queen Airbed with Portable Frame lifts you off the floor and will have you thinking you’re sleeping on clouds. The bed features a strong steel frame so you can sleep tightly knowing it’s not going to collapse underneath you.

Portable Hot Tub 

We don’t do things by halves at The Urban List, which is why we believe a Kiwitub is a glamping must-have. Forget no. 8 wire, this portable hot tub is the greatest Kiwi invention ever! The six-person tub runs on firewood or gas and only takes an hour to heat up. It can be filled with water from a tap, river, lake or sea, meaning you can take it wherever you’re headed this summer. Your glamping squad needs this.

Picnic Rug 

If you’re going to be a successful glamper you need a strong picnic rug game. We’re big fans of Bibby + Brady’s Middle Eastern picnic rugs. These no-so-humble picnic rugs feature traditional Middle Eastern patterns but are lined with tarpaulin to make them outdoor-friendly and water resistant. Passersby are sure to double take at how damn fancy you look. Bow down, peasants.


Grab your book, make yourself a pina colada and swing summer away in this Hammock Chair from Citta Design. It’s prettier than your average hammock with tassel detailing and the upright positioning means you won’t spill your bevvy down your top. The cotton hammock is your perfect perch for spending lazy summer days in the shade of a tree. Warning: this thing is uber comfy and guaranteed to lull you to sleep. 

Solar Phone Charger 

Just because you’re going on a summer holiday doesn’t mean you need to go on a digital holiday. This Solar Bank from Macpac utilises solar energy to ensure your phone is charged and ready to Instagram at any photo-worthy moment. The device’s built-in battery can be charged by solar power or a USB cable. Once charged, the Solar Bank can be used to charge your phone or tablet—genius! 

Beer Flask 

There’s nothing worse than warm, flat beer. Ensure you’re drinking nothing but cold, fresh beersies with the Stanley Beer Growler Flask from Caravan Camping. The 1.9L flask is vacuum insulated to keep your brew cold for 16 hours. It also has a lid with a steel inner so when you open this bad boy you’ll hear an audible pop – a sure sign your beer is still carbonated. Cheers to that! 

Campfire Fork 

Grilling marshmallows is a fine art. Too often they catch fire and are burnt to a crisp, leaving you eating a blackened, carcinogenic marshmallow with bits of twig in it while your eyes weep from the smoke (and the heartbreak). Perfect your grilling technique with a LMF Grandpa’s Fork from Macpac. The wire fork attaches to any stick and can be loaded with multiple marshmallows. You can then rotate your stick without the fear of your marshmallows falling into the fire. 

Lantern With Speaker 

Keep your campsite lit up AND pumping with the Zempire Freedom Enduro LED Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker from Equip Outdoors. The camping lantern has a built-in speaker that wirelessly connects to your phone so you can play tunes all summer long. May your glamping experience be filled with light and Justin Bieber.

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Image credit: Lotus Belle, Bibby + Brady and Extreme

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