FML | The Diet Every Student Survives On

By Albert Cho
10th Oct 2017

FML | The Diet Every Student Survives On

We’d all love to say that we have enough buck in the bank and self-control to eat super clean all the time. But let’s face it, the health foods aisle and salad boxes can get pretty pricey. Not to mention, the exam stress gets the better of us when we just need to indulge in some good soul food. 

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of the survival diet that every student relies on. 


Nope, we’re not talking about the handmade goodness from Pasta & Cuore or Amano. We’re talking about your plain, no sauce, literally just store-bought bulk pasta, boiled. Either our favourite sauce wasn’t on sale or we were just too lazy to go get another jar, we’ve all done it. It’s simple, comforting and cheap. Seriously, what’s not to love? On a particularly lucky day, we’ve even found some leftover cheese in the fridge to garnish the dish to give it that real restaurant quality look and feel. 

Instant Noodles

If you’re someone who needs the bowl of carbs but with seasoning, instant noodles is the way to go. We don’t know what’s in those little packets of MSG and we don’t really think we want to. All we know is that MSG stands for Makes Stuff Good because these spice up your meal and your LIFE. In this day and age, instant noodles has basically become a cuisine with so much range and variety. Feeling spicy? Shin Ramyun’s got you. Not enough money for fried noodle takeaways? Indomie’s Mi Goreng will solve that problem. Missing your mum’s homemade chicken noodle soup? Maggi’s 2 Minute Chicken Noodles are a classic. 


Don’t get it twisted guys, we absolutely LOVE Kebabs and of course they’re not shitty as they include some veggies in there and taste mighty fine. But let’s be honest, we don’t feel too great in the morning after concluding a night with a big lamb wrap and fries. Let’s not forget the daily $5 deal some of these kebab chains have, tempting all the struggling students around Auckland. Depending on what you put in there, these can go from a junk food to something actually pretty nutritious. 

Teriyaki Chicken On Rice With Mayo

Now, you had just read how raw fish was a great source of protein and brown rice was a healthy carbohydrate. You walk in to the sushi store to start making some healthier decisions and you see these beauties, glistening with caramel-like sauce and drizzled with rich mayonnaise. To top it off, it’s cheaper than the salmon avocado pack you were originally planning on buying. How can you not resist?! It’s hard to go a day without seeing someone on Symonds Street carrying one of these in a brown paper bag and hustling to their next class. 

Microwave Rice 

Who has the money for a rice cooker or the patience to do it on a stove top? After tasting some of the microwaved rice from the supermarket, it’s definitely worth an investment…or, at least make the effort to transfer the rice from the packet to a bowl instead of just going straight in there with a spoon. Remember guys, food is fuel but so much more than just that. It should be an experience and be enjoyed!

$6 for 10 Dumplings

Not exactly the highest quality of dumplings but hey, it works. Again, not much nutritional value but definitely a lot of financial value! They’re cheap, tasty and most importantly, very FILLING. A student can’t have a grumbling stomach in a quiet lecture theatre or library. If you see a person with a backpack, walking fast around Lorne St/High St while holding a the white Styrofoam container, you know they’re a student. We also all know that one person who shamelessly drenches their dumplings in sweet chilli sauce. Whatever floats your boat, we guess. 

Leftover Butter Chicken Pizza - Cold

Pizza Club, the home of the Butter Chicken Pizza next to the holy grail, Bar 101. First year uni feels are hitting hard right now, I know. A night out wasn’t complete without at least one slice of these bad boys. But that’s the thing, this pizza is so rich and heavy you only needed one slice. So you’d take home the rest and there’s your breakfast for the following morning! We know you couldn’t be bothered to microwave it either. 

Under-Mixed Brownie In A Mug 

You’re procrastinating, scrolling through your Facebook feed and see a video of a brownie in a mug. You have a sweet tooth, need a bit of energy to finish the assignment that’s due tomorrow and you have all the ingredients. How ideal! You follow all the same steps, pop your mug in the microwave and the house smells like baked goodness. All is good until you get to the bottom half of the mug and clunks of flour is all you see. Why must Facebook make everything look so easy?

Your Local Supermarket’s Bakery Section

The brownie in a mug didn’t work out, you’re clearly not much of a baker, your sweet tooth remains and the local bakeries are either closed or out of your budget. This is when the supermarkets pastries with long lists of ingredients come to your rescue. Especially at night before they close, that’s when we get all the clearance items for the best prices. A little bit of added preservatives never killed nobody! 


Your ultimate comfort food. Just bread. It can never go wrong as it’s cheap and no culinary skills are required for this one. If you had enough time on your hands, you’d go as far to toasting it or even fancying it up by adding some spreads to the slice. But most of the time, plain and simple bread did the trick whether it was for a meal throughout the day or a drunk snack. 

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