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Prepare To Drool, These 8 Foodie YouTube Channels Are Serving Up Serious Cooking Inspo

By Jess Willemse
29th Apr 2020

a tower of drool worthy brownies has gooey, melted chocolate poured over the top of them.

Attention cookbook hoarders and Chefs Table connoisseurs, we’ve discovered a magical pocket on the internet full of mouth-watering inspiration and endless cooking content that is sure to make any foodie’s heart beat faster. 

Step into the culinary circles of YouTube, where Brad Leone is King and Tasty videos are actually longer than one minute. Here you’ll find hours upon hours of essential recipes, spicy interviews and whole shows dedicated to burgers—drool. Clear your weekend, heck, your year, and hit subscribe on eight of the best foodie YouTube channels.  

Bon Appétit

If you know anything about the culinary world of YouTube, you’ll have heard about the biggie—Bon Appétit. Look we’ll just admit it, we’re massive BA stans. We own the merch, follow the meme ‘Gram and sling around Brad Leone’s catchphrases on the reg. Featuring a slew of our favourite test kitchen chefs, as well as some special appearances, there’s no shortage of delicious content on this channel. Fermentation lovers, get among the It’s Alive series with Brad Leone, sweet-tooths snack on Gourmet Makes with Claire Saffitz and for an element of competition, peep Back-To-Back Chef with the gorgeous Carla Lalli Music.   

New York Times Cooking

Although still relatively new to the cooking crew on YouTube, New York Times Cooking is bringing the goods when it comes to at-home foodie inspo. This is mainly due to their series with Brooklyn-based columnist Alison Roman. Author of the beloved best sellers ‘Dining In’ and ‘Nothing Fancy,’ she’s all about creating unfussy, uncomplicated food that tastes damn good. Hosted in her small—but mighty—New York kitchen, she shows us how to master everything from her internet-famous chocolate chunk shortbread cookies to a big Thanksgiving meal in her tiny apartment


For down-to-earth eats and doco-style stories, Munchies delivers binge-worthy shows that take you beyond the surface of step-by-step cooking. Take a deep dive into the history, heritage and flavours behind all things pizza thanks to The Pizza Show, hosted by Brooklynite Frank Pinello. Explore the best of local eats and delicacies thanks to Street Food Icons, or take on Canada and all of its culinary surprises with the charismatic chef, Matty Matheson in Keep It Canada.   


You’ll know Tasty for those throwback hyper-fast, top-down recipe style videos swarming your feed on Facebook. But the good news is that their YouTube channel takes a different approach, with their content creators often taking on weird and wacky challenges, like trying to make 200 octopus balls in 10 minutes and how to make three meals with one can of Spam—just the essentials, you know. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Worth It, a foodie show where the hosts check out three dishes at three drastically different price points all across the world. In case you’re wondering, it’s 100 per cent worth the binge. 

First We Feast 

Home of the cult-status interview show ‘Hot Ones,’ First We Feast needs no introduction. Host Sean Evans sits down A-List celebs like Gordon Ramsay, Billie Eilish and Zac Efron for a series of hot questions and even hotter wings. There’s also some fun foodie crossover, with guests like Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone and Binging with Babish making appearances. But that’s not all, the channel also serves up The Burger Show, hosted by Filipino-American chef Alvin Cailan. Here he explores all things patty and bun, from teaming up with a burger historian (yes, that’s a real job) to taste-testing limited-edition Shake Shack bites with Casey Neistat

Binging With Babish 

Contrary to popular belief, the host of this channel isn’t actually called Babish. Founded by former special-effects artist turned foodie Andrew Rea, Binging with Babish is everything we love about old-school YouTube—a guy with a passion doing what he loves on the interwebs. Since launching in 2016, he’s become a foodie favourite, known for his iconic mid-shot framing and love for recreating dishes from television shows and movies—say hello to the Krabby Patty from Spongebob. He also hosts a series called Basics with Babish, where he schools you on kitchen essentials from mastering sourdough to lovingly crafted homemade Tonkotsu ramen


Although Food52’s channel might appear a bit more mellow in comparison to others, we love it for one very specific series—Genius Recipes with Kristen Miglore. Genius Recipes originates beyond YouTube, with a dedicated section on the Food52 site and a series of cookbooks as well. Carefully curated by Kristen, recipes inducted into the Genius hall of fame are carefully considered, tested and chosen for their unexpected and simple approach to cooking. They are the recipes you want to cook ALL the time. Think Samin Nosrat’s Persian-ish rice, Ina Garten’s parmesan-roasted broccoli and François Payard's flourless chocolate walnut cookies.  

David Seymour 

When you’re feeling bombarded with choice, there’s no better place to go than David Seymour’s channel. Here he road tests recipes from your favourite channels and sites in his modest home kitchen, serving up the verdict on if they’re really worth the effort. Wondering which chocolate cake reigns supreme? Check out his battle of the batter between Tasty and Bon Appétit. Are three-minute vs 30-minute vs three-hour burgers worth it? Everything you need to know is in this comparison video here. Our advice? Come hungry.

Inspired to get cooking yourself? Try these epic cookie fries or this drool-worthy banana bread

Image Credit: Claudiu Hegedus

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