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Crime Buffs Take Note, Jake Gyllenhaal Has Just Been Cast In A Film About The Godfather

By Rick Stephens
1st Oct 2020

Jake Gyllenhaal in a suit, while pensively looking at the camera.

You know a movie has reached a certain iconic status when nearly 50 years later, the guys upstairs at Hollywood HQ want to make a film, on the making of a film. Well, this is exactly what’s happening with Francis Ford Coppola’s genre-defining The Godfather.

It’s titled Francis and the Godfather, and they’re calling in the heavyweights with Oscar Isaac cast as Coppola and Jake Gyllenhaal playing the original film’s producer, Robert Evans. Off-screen, Barry Levinson—whose credentials include classics such as Rain Man and Good Morning, Vietnam—has been enlisted for director duties.

The biopic, of sorts, will deep dive into Coppola’s struggle to get the film into production in the early 70s, only to further explore other roadblocks the auteur faced during pre-production, like casting the late Marlon Brando, and consulting with members of the underworld to ensure their community was accurately depicted in the 1972 classic.

While Coppola isn’t directly involved in Francis and the Godfather, it’s been reported that he’s given the film his blessing, praising Levinson’s incredible work over the last several decades along with the stellar cast of Gyllenhaal and Isaac.

Francis and the Godfather is currently in development, so we can likely expect it on our screens when the world is happy to troop back into cinemas—whenever that may be.

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Image credit: 20th Century Fox

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