Grab Your Besties, A Friends Themed Bottomless Brunch Is Coming To Auckland

By Beau Johns
25th May 2020

The cast of Friends drinking milk shakes and eating ice cream sundaes

Every re-run since 2004 has lead up to this moment, and if we can’t get a reboot, then this is the next best thing damn it, because a bottomless Friends brunch is coming to town.

Making its way to The Birdcage Tavern near the Auckland CBD this September, prepare your body, soul and laugh track to revel in nostalgia, because this is The One Where Everything Went Back To Normal Brunch. 

Whilst only true fans will get that reference, this is a moment where people from all generations can come together on September 19 to let your Friends flag fly. The event will be Covid-friendly with smaller sessions to allow for social distancing.

Grab your lobster, smelly cat or best Friend and be there for them with bottomless prosecco as well as a fully stocked bar with beer, wine and cocktails. 

Although Joey might not share food, there’ll be plenty of appetisers to go around which you and every other Friends enthusiast in town can enjoy as well as screenings of the best eps from Friends’ 10 year run. 

There’ll be an opportunity to find out just how much of a fan you are, with quizzes, charades and even a costume competition. 

Here’s a costume competition tip—whilst wearing all your clothes at once to be Joey dressed as Chandler is epic, going as Ross’s extreme tan is really quite offensive in 2020. 

This is sure to fill up and fill out, so mark your diaries and get your tickets below.

The details

What: Friends bottomless brunch
Where: The Birdcage Tavern, Auckland
When: Saturday September 19, 2020

Image credit: TVNZ

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