Frypan Brownie Is A Thing (And Here’s Where To Get It)

By Natasha Van Der Laan
9th May 2017

Frypan Brownie Is A Thing (And Here’s Where To Get It)

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that there’s always (always!) room for dessert. And— let’s be honest—the bigger the dessert, the better!

So, when we heard a rumour frypan brownie (!) was taking over Auckland, we had to check it out for ourselves. We dropped everything and headed for Parnell’s much-loved Cibo restaurant to see what the hype was about—and we’re glad we did!

They’ve recently updated their weekday express menu so it was the perfect excuse to grab a quick (but oh-so-incredible) lunch before devouring the highly anticipated dessert.

For our entrees, we worked our way through citrus-cured salmon, whitebait fritter, and a nutritious green power bowl. As for our mains, we tried their Chinese char siu pork belly, pastrami-rubbed lamb and the beetroot winter garden packed with halloumi.

Each and every dish was delicious in its own way and the service was—as always—second to none. We were so delightfully satisfied, we almost questioned whether there was room for dessert.

However, it was time for the real star of the show: frypan brownie! Baked to order and served its own frypan (hence the name), we were served the piping hot deliciousness. If happiness was a dessert, this would be it.

It was so much more than a brownie, though. The dessert was adorned with fluffy house-made raspberry marshmallows and scatterings of freeze-dried raspberries. On top, there was a generous dollop of butterscotch raspberry ripple ice-cream—is your mouth watering yet?

As for the brownie, we spooned through the crispy shell and discovered a warm ooey, gooey inside—this is what dreams are made of. It was rich, chocolatey and oh-so-decadent. The dish brought back nostalgia of Mum’s signature self-saucing pudding. And, as the days get cooler, there’s nothing like a comforting choc dessert to warm you from the inside out! 

A word of warning: Cibo’s frypan brownie isn’t for the faint-hearted. While keen dessert-goers will want it all to themselves, we suggest sharing with one (or two) others—this is one mighty dessert!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a page out of our book: drop everything and get amongst. Trust us when we say, this is life-changing dessert is not to be missed.

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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