Giapo’s Easter Creation Is Out Of This World

By Albert Cho
20th Mar 2018

Giapo's Easter Creation Is Out Of This World

Auckland has been blessed when it comes to ice-cream and gelato but most Aucklanders can come to the agreement that Giapo is at the pinnacle point of dessert parlours. To prove this point even
further, Giapo have come through with an Easter creation that we just won’t be able to resist. Are you guys ready to hear it?

Giapo presents: the Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream. Part cone and part traditional bun, this is truly a one of a kind. The bun is sliced in half, served warm with the bottom half fitting perfectly around the crispy
waffle cone. Choose your favourite flavour of gelato and they’ll sandwich it in between the toasty warm hot cross bun by using the other half as the lid to this masterpiece.

Doing what they do best, Giapo has taken classic Easter treats to the next level by putting their own twist on things and care in to every detail of each element of their Easter special. These hot
cross buns are anything but average as they went as far as soaking the raisins in orange juice to ensure sweetness and moisture and the spices are a beautiful blend of cinnamon, cloves and mixed
spice with a touch of candied orange peel.

The Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream is available at the Giapo Kitchen located on Gore Street for a limited time only so get in there while you can.

The Deets:

What: A hot cross bun ice cream

Where: Giapo 

When: From now

Image Credit: Supplied

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