Health Dummy | We Try ‘THE TRIP’

By Olivia Atkinson
2nd Feb 2016

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I don’t know whether it’s the writing about food all day or because I’ve genuinely forgotten to squeeze exercise into my sched, but my level of fitness sucks. Not in a I-can-no-longer-run-5km kinda way… I’m talkin’ huffing and puffing while walking to the dumpling shop, struggling to deal with stairs, and living with the realisation that my butt is a shadow of its former self. 

So when my Content Manager, Marilynn, asked if I wanted to try THE TRIP, Les Mills’ latest innovation in cycling fitness, I figured that it was a sign to get back on the exercise wagon. 

Inspired by the immersive tents at music festivals, THE TRIP is the brainchild of Les Mills Jr. It harnesses ‘exergaming’, blurring the lines between the real and the virtual a.k.a. an exercise experience that takes cyclists through futuristic cities, new galaxies and virtual worlds. An exercise video game? Sounded like a bit of me. 

Walking into the spin room at Les Mills Newmarket last Thursday, I knew I was in for one helluva ride… at my first spin class…EVER. As a complete and utter spin rookie, I was comforted by the fact that THE TRIP would be merging technology, cinematography, graphics and sound with 45-minutes of high intensity spinning—a union I hoped would make the class fly. 

We hopped on our bikes, locked our eyes on the massive screen in front, and we were off. Cruising up a hill in a forest, exploring a starry galaxy, hooning down space-age highway, and judging by my shortness of breath, getting a bloody good workout. 

During the class we spent time in different worlds, pushing ourselves to the limit with 30 seconds of intensity and 20 seconds of cruising. There were lots of oooing and aahing because what we were seeing on screen was actually pretty amazing. 

While I thought I’d be counting down the minutes, once the bright lights came on and the worlds’ disappeared, I wasn’t quite ready to trip my way out of the room. It was the most fun I’ve had exercising all year (also the only exercise I had done all year…) and my body was definitely thanking me for it. 

And thanks to Les Mills THE TRIP, I might just make fitness a regular thing. Well played, Les Mills. Well played. 

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Image credit: Les Mills

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