Auckland’s Best Healthy Restaurants

By Albert Cho
30th Oct 2017

Healthy Dinners Auckland

Sometimes in life, the post-work dilemma of what to cook for dinner can get all too much. Pasta or pita? Salad or soufflé? The mere thought of having to pick up a pan is enough to make you want to throw the next one you see out the window. The struggle is real and we feel your pain.

On those kinda nights, we vote you head out to the big city for a stress-free feast. But, don’t you worry your socks off, convenience doesn’t have to compromise healthiness here. We’ve got your healthy, lazy dinner needs covered with a round-up of Auckland’s best restaurants to hit up for a healthy dinner. You’re welcome.

Burger Burger

 Takapuna, Newmarket & Ponsonby

What better way to kick off a health article with a burger joint, right? Burger Burger’s menu is super versatile for those who are aiming for health. All you need to do is replace the burger buns with a lettuce wrap or salad—the bunnace and the balad. Burger Burger also have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for people trying to cut out animal products. As for sides go, their chargrilled broccoli is not to be missed! They have one of the best kumara fries in town too, and we all like to think sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes.

Sushi Train

Chancery and Viaduct Harbour

Sushi Train is the haven of omega 3’s, protein, healthy carbohydrates and veggies!

What’s great about this place is that you basically have control over everything. Help yourself from the conveyor belt of endless options and stop when you please. Make sure to check out their menu as well, as you can also make an order if nothing on the train toots your horn. There are tons of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from as well! You'll easily find a healthy dinner here!

Street Organics


Our friends at Street Organics have been doing weekly Thursday dinners, and let’s just say we’re definitely fans. These guys really make an effort to cater to as many definitions of health as possible—whether you’re high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, vegan, there’s something for everyone at this local Takapuna gem. Their dinner menu changes on a weekly basis so be sure to check out their Instagram to get updated on what options they have in store for you!

Hansik Restaurant & Bar

Freemans Bay

Asian cuisine has been the new thing nowadays whether it’s Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian or Thai. But guys, Korean food needs to be talked about! Korean cuisine has a strong base of vegetables and are pro believers of the fermentation process and probiotics. Hansik Restaurant & Bar provides an ambience of fine dining and a menu which is rich in micronutrients and different proteins from tofu, fish and meat.

The French Café

Eden Terrace

The French are the kings and queens of the “everything in moderation” lifestyle. Rather than quantity, French cuisine focuses on quality. The French Café put care and love in to every element of your dish so you’ll walk out of this fine dining experience feeling as light as a feather but beyond satisfied.

Poké Poké


If you’re looking for a chilled out environment, check out Poké Poké in Takapuna. Using the freshest ingredients, you can construct your own salad to your own dietary requirements. Poké Poké’s allergen labelling is on point so you don’t have to be “that guy” when you’re placing your order. Feel free to get it as a takeaway and enjoy your poke bowl on Takapuna Beach. A healthy and nutritious meal by the beach, what more can you ask for?!

The Blue Breeze Inn


Look up some photos of The Blue Breeze Inn and you’ll see a whole lot of green. Don’t let this fool you though, the dishes that come out of this kitchen are packed with flavour while being nutrient dense. Pro tip: order a wide range of things from their “smaller appetite” menu to share and enjoy everything in moderation! This way, you’ll fly out the restaurant feeling light and absolutely content.

Green Time

Auckland City

In Auckland, we are spoilt when it comes to vegan cafes but the options do become more limited when it reaches the dinner hours. This is when Green Time located on Fort St saves the day! This restaurant is fully vegan and don’t deep fry any of their dishes, saving our digestive systems for the night. They do amazing sweet vegan treats as well so feel free to extend your dinner to dessert!

Food Truck Garage

Auckland City

Located in the City Works Depot and Wellesley Street, Food Truck Garage put a healthy spin to our fast food favourites. These guys have salads, burgers, fries, wraps, tacos—you name it—but they make sure to do it in the healthiest way possible. Eating clean never equates to boring for these guys.


Herne Bay

Crockpots and hotpots are just some of the healthy yet hearty meals waiting for you to devour at Janken. The team at this Herne Bay hub have also conjured up a mighty fine range of Shojin dishes—vegetarian meals cooked in Buddhist tradition. All desserts here are free from animal products, white flower, white sugar and gluten so don’t hold back and indulge! It easily makes our list as one of Auckland's healthy restaurants!

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