Drop Everything, Hokey Pokey Caramilk Exists And We Know Where To Get It For Free

By Kathryn Steane
6th Jul 2020

Caramilk hokey pokey pieces sitting on top of the packet of Caramilk Hokey Pokey

It's crunch time, people! Everyone's favourite golden choccy—Cadbury Caramilk—now comes in a mouthwatering new hokey pokey flavour, and it's hitting shelves today.

Combining the smooth, caramelised white chocolate taste you know and love with the delightful crunch of hokey pokey pieces, Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey is one treat you're definitely going to want to get your hands on. But be warned, this deliciousness is strictly limited edition—so make sure you get along to your local supermarket or dairy, stat.

And Cadbury is continuing to celebrate what happens when good things come together by handing out free—yes, free—blocks of the new choccy to passengers re-connecting with family and friends at InterCity's Sky City bus terminal throughout July. For more information, including the chance to win a $200 travel voucher, keep an eye on InterCity's social media pages.

So what are you waiting for? Let the stockpiling begin...

The Details

What: Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey
Where: Supermarkets and dairies, nationwide
When: Now

Image credit: Armelle Frimpong

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