Horoscopes: Your Cosmic Week Ahead

By Melanie Host
9th May 2017


It’s that time of the week again: the time we deliver your horoscopes (or horror-scopes, for some…). A little bit of cosmic wisdom to get your week off on the right track. Heed our advice with this quick read of what fate looks like for the next few days. 


Two words: retail therapy. The shopping gods are working in your favour, and that means deals and steals all up in yo face this week!

So before winter really hits, you’d better hit the shops and snatch up any winter essentials you might be missing.


Hey Gemini, we know your weekend’s been quite a bit of a mess. You went pretty hard on Friday night, but it’s time to refresh and refuel. In Auckland terms, that means brunch!

Snag a healthy one with home-baked sourdough you won’t find anywhere else in town.


Uh oh, the Moon’s showing us that you might experience some relationship fallout later this week, and it’s going to leave you super pissed.

Reserve your feels and have a bit of fun instead: Head here to vent your anger. 


We’re sensing a whole lotta confidence and spunk in you this week, Leos! You’re definitely bold enough to take that big step around mid-week, and you’ll want to reward yourself for the courage. No hesitation. 

Treat yourself to a chicken waffle tower at Orleans


Step out of your usual. Aren’t you tired of your friends asking if you’ve seen this, done that when your default answer is always plain No? This May, get experimental with love, money, career, and the yums in your tums!

Señoritas and hombres, kick off your new plan by venturing to a Mexican food truck you’ve never tried.


Libs, the week ahead is set for butter-smooth sailing with your planets perfectly aligned and everything falling into place. You’ve always liked seeing things come together in harmony, anyways: PB&J, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, smashed avo and crusty toast…

And that’s how we’ll know you’re going to LOVE hottest collab of the month: duck and pinot!


Your ruling planets Mars & Pluto are sending out a warning: you might start to get too controlling over a project or a relationship…Take a step back before your next move.

Don’t let things get too tense, yeah? Gnocchi yourself out with a taste of heaven: pillowy potato clouds with mushrooms, parsley and egg at Amano.


This week you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve helped someone in a struggle and they literally can’t thank you enough. Good on ya!

It’s in your character to be loving and kind, so it’s only natural that you’re spotted at a vegan pop-up, as animal-lovers gather with tons of guilt-free food at a little gypsy-styled caravan. 


The planets aren’t moving much lately and it goes to show that you’re gonna be slower than slow this week. It’s actually for the best, though, as you really don’t wanna be that person who rushes everything sloppily and ends up feeling sh*t.

In your restful week ahead, remember that slow-cooked pork belly is a thing, so here are the fantastic feasts and where to find them!


You’re bringin’ the party with you everywhere you go this week, as the stars are shining brightly on you, you’re even more sociable and fun to be around! Have a blast, but don’t go too wild. We want to minimise those next morning regrets. 

Speaking of wild, are you and your mum a crazy health nut duo? Maybe not YET, but this could be an interesting start!


Not gonna lie, it’s all a bit of a blur this week. Help the planets help you by setting clear goals early. It'll end up being the most bangin’ week of the month!

Plus, you may be disciplined with hitting to-dos and targets, but let’s see how well you’ll do with opportunities for impulse buys at this month’s must-see markets.


You know that one thing you’re really hoping will work out? Yeah, it’s not gonna happen. In fact, it’s about as likely as Auckland being sunny every day this autumn. But don’t let that stop you from getting out and about, killin’ it this week with your amazing-ness.

P.S. You’re wild and adventurous, so why not try out a unique drink you’ve never had before?

And um, we know you’re stuffed, but don’t forget to celebrate your mother this week, yeah? She raised you. 

Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvis

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