Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic week ahead

By Amber De Luca-Tao
29th Aug 2017

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but you know what they say, when one pop-up closes, another fry store opens... if you live in Auckland that is. So this week is all about new beginnings and thank God, because the three-quarter year crisis is very real and we needed a second chance at 2017.

Here’s what you’re *really* in for this week.


Listening to your heart is always easier said than done. But this week as Uranus enters your Third House, you're going to be paying no mind to those little voices in your head and focusing on your heart's desires instead.

The heart always desires fries. Have you met Fry Baby?


Everything in your life may not be going to plan, but that doesn't mean that things never will. While your life might appear messier than you last Saturday night, there'll soon be light at the end of the tunnel.

Avoid any more disasters by knowing what not to get Dad this Father's day.


You're not getting any younger, but that doesn't mean you aren't getting finer with age *winky face*. It's time that you take that wisdom and channel it towards planning something awesome... a holiday perhaps?

Just in case you need some bucket list inspo, here are 50 things to see around the world before you die.


Mars is entering your Fourth House this week and it’s bringing you a wave of bravery. Consider this an astronomically perfect time to plot that grand gesture you’ve been scheming for the past couple of months, you know the one.

Guys, this just in... Jaime Oliver's opening a restaurant in our little big city!


Despite what your last three Tinder dates might be saying, you don't need to grow up. If they don't understand your humour, they probably don't deserve it. 

School holidays are coming up, why don't you bring your fave niece/nephew to enjoy being a kid again.


This is probably going to sound weird, but this week's all about dough in unexpected places. Hey, who are we to argue with the Universe? You lucky Scorpions are going to be in the midst of one serious cash-flow, epic enough to give Niagra Falls a run for its money. Drinks on you this week.

Oh and speaking of dough, here are Auckland's best bakeries.


We know indulge was on this week's high priority section of the to-do list, but according to your stars this week, it's your time to be a lil' bit naughty and a lil' bit nice in your fave room of the house. We were talking about guilt-free meals in the kitchen—weren't you?

We see you sneaking those PB table spoons in your mouth. PB lovers we can relate.


Juggling more than three items at a time is hard… in real life and while pretending to be a clown. But your chart this week is showing that the key to success is to strike that perfect balance. Yeah good luck with that.

Quit worrying about that work/life balance for a sec' and chill out at this new rooftop bar.


You’ve been copping so many losses recently… even your AFL team struggled big time on the weekend. They probably won’t be making Finals, but that doesn’t mean you that you aren’t on your way to winning this season. Your House of Triumph is up and about this week and it appears that Spring is yours for the taking.

This sounds like a win to us. A celebratory feed at Mekong Baby is definitely in order.


We know you've got the capability to binge-watch every episode to date of The Bachie in a row, but this week's all about getting into gear. That's why this week is all about dedication. Hey, thinking about getting off the couch is a great start if you ask us.

Here's 6 things you should be doing now that you're an adult. 


It's what on the inside that counts, especially when we're talking about tacos. But on a more cosmic level, this week as Saturn moves into your Fifth House, you're gonna need to do something to fill that void. You know, the one that makes all of those rumbling sounds when you haven't eaten in like one hour. Oh yeah, your tummy.

Here are 5 places to tick off for this weekend wining and dining. 


Sometimes the world seems like a dark and gloomy place (or is that just Auckland weather?). But as Mercury moves into your Second House mid-week, things will start to be looking up. You won't see your future bae walking into your life with your head down.

Spring has sprung... and by the end of this week it looks like you will be too, here's where to go to bounce

Image credit: Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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