How To Ditch Your Activewear Habit (In 3 Easy Steps)

By Morag Grealy
28th Jan 2016

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The rise of active wear in non-active situations has really got us wondering: have New Zealand fitness levels skyrocketed or has our dedication to an appropriate dress sense seriously plummeted?

And after the all-day all-active-wear trend was spoofed on YouTube last year, the cool 3 million plus views has made it clear that this fashion faux pas has reached epic proportions. 

I think it might be time we dusted off our dignity and regained our style standards.

I feel somewhat qualified to write this important piece, not only as a fashion-lover but because *bows head in shame* I am a sufferer of this issue too. It all came to a head a couple of weeks ago when I ran into an acquaintance who frequents the same local coffee spot. When I gave her a wave and a friendly hi I was met with a puzzled look. When she worked out who I was she said: “Oh! I didn’t recognise you out of your exercise gear!” Not my proudest moment.

Assuming we’re gonna be in this together, here’s a suggested plan for out-fashioning your active wear habit.

Step #1 Commit To The Change 

While your physical fitness, eating habits, finances and social life might all get a look in at the start of the new year, how often do you think about overhauling your style? Maybe it’s time that ‘limit my active wear’ made it onto your new year's resolution list. Let’s make a mantra together: ‘I will not rely on wearing active wear outside of situations where I am not being extremely active.’

Step #2 Put Some Boundaries In Place

Many would argue that gym gear really has no place outside of the gym. However, I believe there’s many places this look can work in the real world, but it’s probably a good idea to have your own set of personal boundaries to ensure we don’t completely take the piss out of a civilized, fashionable society.

For the places you frequent in your life which are activewear accepting and which are a no-no? It’s probably a yes to a casual cafe and a park hang, and a no to shopping centres, the hairdresser and the cinema.

Step #3 Find Some Stylin’ Solutions

Let’s get deep and consider the reasons you’re clinging to active wear and think of some stylin’ solutions.


You’re a dress-for-comfort chick, a tomboy at heart and you don’t usually like to get your fashion-gurl on because that stuff is always so uncomfortable! If this describes you then opt for soft natural fabrics and clean simple cuts like this:



Fitness is your thing and you want the world to know it! But if you’re worried people will start to think you own no other clothes, then next time you’re between workouts why not incorporate fitness-inspired fashion into your look as a nod to your favourite pastime:



All this time working on your rig is cause for a fashionable celebration. Why not try working with non-active wear looks that can flatter you in the same way as your workout gear. Figure hugging – tick, flaunting what you got – tick!



When it comes to stepping out, it seems your active wear has become your go-to. Maybe it’s always on the top of your floor-drobe mountain or maybe this getting dressed thing is just too much effort. Well, time to get shopping gurl! After all, it’ll be great cardio!  Let’s start with familiar territory, with a sporty yet street-appropriate look:


If you're not ready to give up your activewear habit just yet, check out our article: Activewear Hacks: How To Legitimise Wearing It All The Time 


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