How To Make 2016 Your Most Relaxed Year Ever

By Marilynn McLachlan
18th Jan 2016


If you’re anything like us, you’ve hit the ground running in 2016, and that holiday is like a dream that didn’t happen. While 2015 may have been all about busyness and stress, this year, it’s time to calm your farm, cool your jets and bring a little zen into your life.

Here are five ways to make 2016 your most relaxed year ever.

#1 Have Regular Massages

Oh we just love the sensation of capable hands that soothe away those knots of tension that seem to have found a home in our shoulders, or relax those muscles in the lower back. Studies have shown the benefits of massage include reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, as well as anxiety, headaches and insomnia related to stress. It’s a no-brainer, right? We love the pure indulgence of East Day Spa—a sesh there will leave you feeling like you’ve just spent a week on holiday. 

#2 Write It Down

Your brain literally cannot cope with with too much information—your mental list of all the things you have to do means your mind isn’t freed up for creativity and productivity. While there are plenty of apps to help you organise your time, there is something strangely calming about a fine pen rolling across paper. Purge your brain of ‘stuff,’ set goals and free your creativity. We love FRANK’s 2016 diary—not only is it beautiful, it has monthly inspirational quotes, monthly summaries and goal setting. Even better, for every diary you buy, they give a notebook to a child in need. 

#3 Get Your Sleep

Your mum’s been telling you since you were little how important it is to get enough sleep, and it’s just as true now as then. Quality sleep is essential for the body time to restore and repair itself, reducing stress hormone levels and leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and happy. But how does one drag oneself away from technology? Set an alarm one hour before it’s time to go to bed, take a deep breath, be brave, put the smart phone down and walk away. You know you don’t want to miss out on those much needed z’s.Check out the all-natural SleepDrops range of products for when you struggle to turn your creative mind off or find yourself waking in the night. With all-natural family friendly products now everyone in your house can sleep better!

#4 Get Outside & Active

Vitamin D is pretty essential to any happy, healthy body BUT stress is one of the biggest factors that stops your body from absorbing the sun-sourced vitamin. Kill two birds with one stone and de-stress with some light exercise—head to the local park, or take it up a notch with one of these walks and hikes. Alternatively, dust off that retro bike you bought and haven’t used and try the new pink cycleway in the CBD. 

#5 Stretch

Stretch as often as you possibly can—first thing in the morning, at your desk during the day and in front of the TV at night—your body will thank you for it. Alternatively, make this the year you take up yoga, and that includes you, boys. Or, combine being outdoors AND stretching with a sesh at Bikes & Bends.

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