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How To Take The Perfect Selfie According To Kris Fox

By Urban List Writers
25th May 2017

How To Take The Perfect Selfie According To Kris Fox

We can’t deny it any longer—we’re a generation of selfie lovers. We just can’t get enough of seeing our own glorious faces and the dog filter, flower crown and face swap provide hours of borderline narcissistic entertainment. But, if you’re anything like us, snapping the perfect selfie on a whim is a thing of fairy tales. We just. Can’t. Get it right. (Facebook’s option to ‘Take A New Profile Picture Now’ is utter madness—who just takes one then and there!?)

Luckily, self-confessed androgynous queen and master of #FierceAndFlossy selfies Kris Fox has all the intel you need to transform your mediocre snaps into flawless selfies. Here’s Kris’ top six tips to make sure your selfies are #onfleek:

1. Figure Out Your Good Side (‘Cause We All Have One)

I can’t explain why or how, but everyone seems to have one side of the face that just plays more nicely for the camera. Figure that out and play to your strengths. Clever angles can hide what you see as flaws—even though we’re all fabulous boss babes, it’s easy to be too critical of ourselves. Figure out your extra side and work it, which will make you feel confident and ready to slay the day. 

2. Make Sure The Lighting Is Perfect So That Your Highlight Can Pop 

LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Believe me when I say that the right lighting can mean the difference between looking basic and glam af. I recommend using natural light if possible. Find a spot that bounces off sunlight in the right way, but make sure you're not taking photos in direct sunlight otherwise it could be too harsh on the face. And, make sure you use a bomb highlight—I love Peach Goddess by Jeffree Star. If you can’t get the right lighting, there’s no shame in editing your photos too. A little brightening and sharpening and you’re away!

3. Use A Great Camera Or Smartphone

No selfie is going to look fabulous if it’s grainy, blurry and of all-around questionable quality. Some smartphone makers are even listening to our millennial needs with cameras that make sure you take a fierce selfie, with automatic beautifying effects and the crispest camera quality.  These days, smartphone cameras are just as good as traditional cameras and 100 per cent easier when you’re out and about. I’m currently obsessed with the new Huawei P10 camera, because it’s literally been designed to take the perfect selfie—it has the most #onfleek beauty mode that smooths out your complexion to make it look perfect, and automatically widens if it knows you’re not the only queen in the photo.

4. Keep The Camera Angles Up High

Work your angles. Changing the angle of the camera can completely change a photo and emphasise different parts of your face. I find keeping the camera up relatively high gives the best result, if they're too low it doesn't work.

5. Have A Signature Pose That Makes A Statement

Life’s all about standing out from the crowd and being the fiercest b*tch in the room, so finding a signature pose that suits your personality is the perfect way to make sure your selfies leave a lasting impression. Choose something that makes you feel confident and sexy. My signature pose has to be raising my eyebrow and pouting my lips out to make them look more juicy.

6. Don't Take Selfies Too Seriously, Have Fun And Enjoy The Moment Of Loving Yourself

Most importantly, NEVER take yourself too seriously. Selfies are meant to be fun and make you feel flawless and confident, so take your time and remember that you are #TooGlamToGiveADamn! 

Written by Kris Fox for The Urban List

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Image credit: Kris Fox


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