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Fire Up The Group Chat, Netflix Party Lets You Binge Watch With Your Mates While Self Isolating

By Morgan Reardon
20th Mar 2020

netflix party

Whether you’re practicing physical distancing or are in enforced isolation, binge watching shows and movies is basically your number one activity right now. And while it’s nice to watch a couple of episodes solo, it can get a bit lonely when you can’t turn to the person next to you and dissect every moment of the final ep of Love Is Blind.

Fortunately, Netflix is here to help, with a tool that was actually created long before the coronavirus outbreak but is turning out to be one of our fave COVID-19 must-haves (that’s a sentence we never thought we’d write). 

Say hello to Netflix Party, a chrome extension that allows you and your friends/lovers to watch shows together, at the same time, but from the comfort of your own, hygienic couches. 

To get it, just head to Google Chrome store and search “Netflix Party”. Then add the Google Chrome extension to your Chrome. Once you’ve agreed on the show you want to watch (which is the hardest part in our opinion), click on the extension and select “start party”. You’ll be a sent a URL which can be shared with your pals. Once you’re all linked up on the same screen, a group chat panel will appear on the side, so you can chat away.

Just a warning, you’re in this together, literally, so if one of you needs to pause the stream, it will be paused for everyone at the party—get your snacks organised before hitting play.

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Image credit: Javier Díez

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