How to Workout In The Ocean

By Natasha Van Der Laan
7th Jan 2016

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Summer is best spent in and near the ocean. Chances are that puts some distance between you and your dearly beloved squat rack. Fear not, there’s no need to kiss your toned glutes goodbye. Your bod will still be festival-ready with these fun ocean sports that trump any gym sesh. 


There’s no fancy equipment needed for this one—just you and the deep blue. Swimming is a wondrous full body workout. Arms, legs, core… it does it all! I mean, have you seen the physique of an Olympic swimmer? I’d right-swipe that. 

Swimming also helps you build endurance, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness—without causing havoc to your joints! And while doing laps in your local pool is fun and stuff, nothing compares to swimming the Seven Seas. Dive in, kids!

Scuba Diving

While this one requires a fair bit of dedication and commitment, we promise it’s worth it. Summer is the perfect time to tick that PADI certificate off your bucket list and get a few decent workouts in at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

Gearing up—and getting back to the boat—is an intense strength workout. A full tank of air weighs close to 20kgs and the rest of your gear easily adds another 10kg to your frame. Once underwater, you’ll zap calories thanks to the water’s constant resistance and your constant swimming. You’ll have the bod of Ariel in no time!


Work out, have fun and be cool with surfing. There’s no need to slave away on the chest press if you take up surfing. Paddling around on your surfboard builds strength and muscle mass in your arms, shoulders and chest. 

Once you’ve mastered standing on the board (heads up: this probably won’t happen on your first wave), you’ll be toning them legs and core. Surfing also helps to improve balance, flexibility and cardio fitness. Shaka brah!

Paddle Boarding

Thanks to paddle boarding, you can work out in the ocean without getting your hair wet. That is, of course, if all goes according to plan and you don’t go rolling in the deep like Adele. 

Paddle boarding is become more popular each year and it’s only a matter of time before it’s cooler than CrossFit. And, while it can provide you with a workout that’s equally intense to a CrossFit WOD, we promise things are more enjoyable. 

It works almost every muscle in the body and, if you paddle fast enough, you’ll get that heart rate up. It’s also fairly low-impact so you won’t do any damage to your tendons and ligaments—unlike CrossFit.


If the last time you dabbled in kayaking was at Year 12 school camp, it’s time you picked up the paddle again. It’s another water sport that doesn’t involve you getting your hair wet (fingers crossed) and it’s as fun as it was when you were a teen. 

It’s a no-brainer that kayaking across the ocean will provide a hearty upper body workout. It targets the back, arm, shoulder and chest muscles while improving the ol’ cardio fitness. It’s a fun sport to do with your bestie/bae and is a relaxing way to take in the beauty of the ocean.


What better way to pass summer by than being dragged through the ocean? Trust us, these sports are more enjoyable than they sound! 

Half the fun of wakeboarding and waterskiing is learning to get up. Remember the joy of learning to ride a bike? You’ll experience that same feeling of accomplishment and Mum will be just as proud.

Once you’ve mastered the art of getting up, these water sports provide full body workouts and are a sure way to improve your grip strength. You’ll get to marvel at the beauty of nature as you zip across the ocean and it’s a fun summer activity to do with your squad.

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