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Sink Into 2020’s Most Defining TV Series, I May Destroy You

By Rick Stephens
11th Sep 2020

Michaela Coel in the series I May Destroy You, standing on a brightly-lit street at night.

It’s been praised as the best drama of 2020, and as with many good things, New Zealand has had to wait a little longer for its release compared to other western countries. The good news is that all 12 episodes of HBO’s I May Destroy You are available to stream in NZ right now. 

For those who have missed the hype on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and almost everwhere else, I May Destroy You comes from English-born Michaela Coel, who lays claim to not only the title of writer and director, but also on-screen lead. The HBO hit centres around novelist and sexual assault victim, Arabella, and follows the character’s story as she rebuilds her life, all the while exploring the distinction between liberation and exploitation.

Arabella, and her journey, is fictional, but it’s impossible not to pick up on the authenticity of the relationships, characters and story arcs while watching the series, and that’s because there are at least several parallels that can be drawn back to Coel’s own experiences growing up in the UK—most notably, being assaulted after having her drink spiked in a London bar.

While I May Destroy You deals with several difficult themes, the 12-part drama is filled with touching moments just as it is with hilariously awkward nuances found between Arabella and her two friends, Terry and Kwame.

I May Destroy You is sitting at a sizable 97% on Rotton Tomatoes and coming in at the upper echelon on IMDB with an 8/10. Do yourself a favour and catch it on Neon now.

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Image credit: HBO


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