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I Woke Up Like This | Products That Work While You Sleep

By Bree Nowland
17th Jan 2016

beauty products that work overnight

When Beyoncé wrote the lyrics to FLAWLESS—you know, I woke up like this, I woke up like this… flawless? We can only assume that she had a serious night-time beauty regime and woke up only to be thrilled with the results. It makes perfect sense, right? 

All jokes aside, we all know the power of beauty sleep—but it can be incredibly hard to feign that flawless, luminous skin and bright-eyed look if you’re running low on sleep. When you snooze your body goes into repair mode and your skin starts to renew itself—that means fighting wrinkles, dark circles, break-outs and dull skin. But what if you skimp on the ZZZs and wake tired? Your blood won’t flow as efficiently throughout the day which means you can almost forget a radiant complexion. It’s also worthwhile remembering that your skin loses 25% more water overnight than it does during the day, so preventing moisture loss is essential!

But, beauty queens, busy bees, insomniacs, and those who want give their skin a little TLC overnight—it’s time to give beauty sleep a whole new meaning. Introducing one of the latest categories trending in the beauty world… Revolutionary products that work while you sleep. Whether seven to nine hours rest a night is physically impossible for you—or you’re preparing for a big event—here’s what you need to know to wake #flawless.

Invest in a sleeping mask

Don’t have the time after work to indulge in a 20-minute face mask? No problems! First introduced in Korea, sleeping masks are gaining traction fast! From supermodels who can’t live without them during long-haul flights to A-listers who indulge in a sleep mask pre-big events. Sleep masks are unique face masks that work by delivering intense nutrients to your skin while you sleep. La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask is a worthy investment. We’ve heard it’s even a favourite of Victoria Beckham. A luxe creamy gel that feels like a hybrid between a night-cream and a face mask is applied to your face with a small brush prior to bed time, upon rising be prepared for the smoothest most hydrated and radiant skin you’ve had in years. The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is another overnight mask that’s designed to boost hydration to leave you waking dewy, fresh and glowing. 

Don’t underestimate overnight serums

Serums are essential to apply pre-bedtime and are not to be confused with a moisturiser. Serums are a form of highly concentrated skincare product enriched with antioxidants and ingredients that simply can’t be fit into a moisturiser due to the thickeners and emollients needed to ensure your favourite cream hydrates and nourishes. There are thousands of serums for every skincare concern, the fact that the formulas are in a gel-like liquid form means that they can get right into your skin straight away. There are lots of serums that contain ingredients that should never be applied in the morning—such as Retinol or Vitamin C, as sunlight actually destroys their effectiveness.

Serums we love

Glow by Dr. Brandt Overnight Resurfacing Serum
An overnight serum that improves skin texture, softens the skin, boosts hydrating and smooths wrinkles while you sleep.

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Treatment  
Infused with a plethora of revolutionary ingredients ranging from retinyl to oxygen, this little miracle worker detoxifies the skin and reduces fine lines and pigmentation whilst being incredibly hydrating.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 
Enriched with essential oils, this serum brightens skin and seriously boosts moisture levels and brightens your complexion.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
It’s any wonder this miracle is Australia’s #1 repair serum! A silky serum that’s designed exclusively for overnight boosts hydration levels and fights wrinkles as you sleep, promising (and delivering on!) healthier, fresher and more radiant skin when you rise.

A night-cream is essential

A rich night cream is a must-have to prevent skin dehydration and nourish your skin overnight. Night creams are generally thicker and heavier than moisturisers designed for daytime use; most are not designed to have makeup be worn atop. Darphin’s Ideal Resource Overnight Cream is a secret of the chicest Parisian girls—rich and nourishing yet not sticky or heavy. It’s a glow inducing cream that promotes cell renewal. Whilst DMK’s Nite Firming Crème is complete with ingredients such as Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and grape pip extract—it’s surprisingly lightweight but ever so creamy and hydrating. 

Get your glow on while snoozing

Want to wake glowing or quite literally, three-shades-darker? Try fake tanning before bed. Tanning overnight will also mean you don’t sweat or have to throw on constrictive clothes that leave tell-tale tan steaks. Make sure you apply fake tan with a mitt for even coverage and allow yourself to ‘dry’ before you hit the hay! Pro-tip: opt for dark bed sheets.


ModelCo Tan Mousse
A mousse tan formula is absorbed almost instantaneously and is light-weight yet nourishing. ModelCo’s Tan Mousse develops over 6-8 hours, making it perfect for overnight.

James Read Sleep Mask Tan
A face tanner designed exclusively for overnight use. It’s enriched with nourishing ingredients that boost hydration and will leave you with a super-subtle golden glow come morning.

Workout while you sleep

Firm and tone trouble areas while you sleep thanks to a number of next-gen body care products that are designed to firm the skin while you sleep. Think banishing cellulite and minimising puffiness and bloating ready for the morning. Try BLISS Fat Girl Sleep or BLISS Fat Girl Love Handler, a cooling gel with 8-hour release that stimulates circulation and helps boost your metabolism. Applying before bed basically means you don’t need to schlep it to spin class at 6AM. Kind of… 

Smooth your strands

Two little overnight hair hacks. The first is to give your locks a little TLC overnight— when they’re not exposed to the sun/wind/rain/humidity. Fight split-ends and frizz with a nourishing oil such as L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Serum De Force that’s enriched with evening primrose oil that regenerates hair. That means longer locks and increased strength and shine! If your hair is less than fresh, spray a generous amount of dry shampoo in your roots before bed, try Redken’s Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender but resist the urge to ‘rub off/in’ the excess. Opt for sleeping on a pillow case in a natural fibre, such as silk, which will ensure your hair absorbs what it needs. You’ll wake up with oil-free hair that’s full of volume. 

Don’t forget your tips and toes

Keeping your hands and feet smooth can be hard. Lathering your feet in lotion then slipping them into leather shoes is less than ideal, while your hands touch so much throughout the day that it’s near impossible to keep them hydrated. Smother your heels with a nourishing foot cream such as this one and then pop on your favourite (or daggiest) socks before bed, do this for three to four days to have holiday-ready heels. As the very last thing to do before bed, apply a generous amount of hand cream, one with ingredients such as Jurlique’s Precious Rose handcream enriched with rose petals will leave your hands unbelievably soft come morning. Hydrated nails and cuticles will mean that your nails grow quicker, too—so take this step to another level by applying cuticle oil before bed and letting your nails absorb it while you snooze.

Plump your pout

After brushing your teeth apply a lip balm to your lips before bed. It’ll help soothe chapped or dry winter lips like nothing else. To boost lip volume while you sleep, try Transformulas Lip Volume a fusion between a balm and gloss that promises to plump lips without any sting or stickiness like most lip plumpers!

Get to sleep sooner

While you could try all of these products and wake as flawless as can be, your body still does need to rest! If you have trouble getting to sleep, a pillow spray with essential oils might just be your ticket to a peaceful [beauty] sleep. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a natural formula of lavender, chamomile and vetivert. Most effective if you spritz four to five times right before you hit the pillow!

Need a little something extra to help you get your beauty sleep? Why not try floating? 

Image credit: This Works

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