Ice Cream Poutine Is A Thing And Giapo Is Dishing It Up!

By Jaiden Bhaga
26th Apr 2017

All hail to the King of Gelato! Yep, Giapo is back (not that they ever left our foodie hearts) in a brand-spanking new store with a new menu so whacky and wonderful you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Bursting at the seams with ideas and ice cream masterpiece, Giapo found his upper Queen Street premises of nine years a little too small for his larger-than-life imagination. And so, he, and wife Annarosa have packed up and moved to a gorgeous new premise on Gore Street. Featuring a hip chic fit-out and a full kitchen solely dedicated to sweet eats, the modern day Willy Wonka has spared no expense to bring us the best and most cutting edge desserts in the entire universe.

Most days, you’ll find Giapo upstairs in the Delivery Room, planning strategising and working his magic to bring the genius to life.

“My favourite flavour is always the next one,” laughs Giapo. “As soon as I’ve finished one, I’m immediately struck with inspiration for another. Now more than ever, what we are doing is making is art.”

Inspired by freedom, Giapo proves there are few boundaries to cross when it comes to flavours. Breaking all the rules as per usual, the new Gore St digs have allowed him to expand the already out-of-this-world menu.

“There are three ways in which we are expanding the menu,” explains Giapo. “New flavours, seasonal variety and more creativity than ever before.”

With a larger site, comes more room for Giapo to make the magic happen. The new menu features an intriguing iconic and almost incomprehensible section aptly titled “Discombobulation”.

In it, you’ll find whacky creations beyond your wildest ice cream dreams. His latest and greatest is the show-stopping poutine. Yep, you read that correctly, Auckland’s top ice cream spot is now serving its very own take on poutine. Don’t let your eyes fool you, this bad boy consists of double deep-fried French fries, a sweet and sultry caramel ‘gravy’ and honey-infused vanilla soft serve as “cheese curds”. It’s a sweet and sour treat that will take you back to your childhood days of daring each other to dip fries into ice cream, while pretending you weren’t totally into it. So wrong but oh-so very right, this is but a first taster of the many adventurous things to come… (One word: DUMPLINGS).

They’ve also introduced a whole bunch of snazzy new flavours that are so genius, they’d give Einstein a run for his money. Our top pick would be smoked peanut butter, smothered in a hardened shell of chocolate goodness. One bite in and you’ll be hit by heavenly smooth peanut goodness, that packs an extra smoky punch.

Giapo’s top pick from the new selection, is the feijoa and chamomile, describing the pairing as “like they’ve been together forever.”  The sweet tang of feijoa is perfectly met with the gentle touch of chamomile—it’s the duo we didn’t know we needed.

Not to worry fellow fans, all of the classics we’ve come to know, love and get addicted to are still around. You can still wow your date with a “Two Become One” couples gelato or get your Instagram on with a selfie cone. Although, you want to watch this space as big things are coming our way—and by big, we mean giant….. (chocolate squid).

An Auckland staple, and world-renowned gelato legend, Giapo has done it again. Proving everything we thought we knew about dessert wrong, be sure to stop by the new Gore street spot and check out what scrumdiddlyumptious creations his royal highness has in stall for you!

Find out more about Giapo, including opening hours here

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