Five Restaurants In Auckland To Get Your Korean BBQ Fix!

By Courtney Nuyad
20th Jun 2017

Five Restaurants To Get Your Korean BBQ Fix!

If there’s two things that Korean restaurants know how to do exceptionally well, its buffets and barbeque! Whether it’s having an extensive menu of grilled delicacies and fried chicken, or having a buffet that extends beyond more tables than you could ever imagine, Korean restaurants know how to maximise the dining experience!

Here are our picks of five Korean restaurants you need to visit!

Gangnam Style


Much like the viral song that shares the same name as this restaurant, Gangnam Style Korean BBQ Buffet is pumpin’! Each of the tables come with a built-in grill where you and your friends can take turns cooking as your dining becomes not just about the food, but also the experience! BUT WAIT, the buffet is more than just meat, rice, and side dishes—they also have a vanilla ice cream machine – it’s the best of both worlds!


Auckland CBD

Nestled in Chancery Square, Pocha is your go-to restaurant for all your fried chicken dreams. Pocha’s serves up not one, but NINE different types of fried chicken! Just a few options of fried chicken available include Korean fried chicken served in their special spicy sauce, almond karaage chicken, and garlic butter chicken! Mmmm it’s the kind of humble food that will have you throwing away the cutlery in favour of eating with your hands. To elevate your Korean dining experience, compliment your fried chicken dish with one of Pocha’s famous cocktail sojus!

Dae Bak

Auckland CBD

Tucked away in Albert Street and next to the SkyTower sits Dae Bak, a buffet-style Korean barbecue restaurant where you cook the meat yourself over a gas burner. Whether you prefer your meat marinated or not, Dae Bak offers both meat options and the ability to eat as much as your heart (and stomach) desires! Aside from meat, Dae Bak has several side dishes that you can fill to the brim of your plate, and continue to for the duration of your dining time!


Auckland CBD

Well-known by those that frequent the CBD, BannSang is hidden on High Street and is the kind of restaurant that you visit with a group of friends to catch up during your lunch break. With the option to choose between cold or hot dishes, BannSang serves all their main menu items with small side dishes—it’ll save you from friendly arguments of stealing off each other’s plates! Many of their hot dishes are served on a sizzling plate so bear this in mind when you go to snap a pic of your food “for the gram” and find the steam fogging up your lens!



Another all-you-can-eat buffet, Paldo lets its customers build their own Korean rice bowl or “bibimbap”. All the bbq is readily cooked for you to stack straight onto your plate so there’s no need to wait for your meat to cook, dive right in! With a more of a fancy dining environment, Paldo is the Korean restaurant you take your family out to for a special occasion. Just make sure you all save your appetites before you go!

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