Auckland’s Best Croissants

By Rachel Pool
5th Sep 2017

Le Best Croissants In Auckland

Is butter a legit answer to the question, 'What is your favourite food?'? Probs not. Pity that. Butter is perhaps at its best in pastry form, especially little crescent shaped beauties (we're not weighing in on the straight or curved croissant debate here—we're all about that taste).

Yes, we’re talking about the humble croissant, with its delicate layers and sweet, sweet buttery goodness. Plus, we all know that French women inexplicably don't get fat despite the fat consumed, nor do they body shame themselves every damn day after indulging in a buttery brekky—so take heed from the French and get nibbling away at Auckland’s best croissants.

La Voie Française


Never ever have we ever tasted a croissant like this. Honestly. Little doubt when the head chef studied alongside world renowned French patisserie and macaroon legend Pierre Hermé. You'll wanna get there early to get your hands on Auckland's best croissants, so drag yourself outta bed and order all the croissants. La Voie Française is the absolute real deal, complete with French accents (minus the prickly French service). The chocolate raspberry croissant is a sweet delight, but it's the traditional plain butter and almond variations that steal the show. With prices as low as this, you can afford to try them all, and we seriously suggest that you do.

Custom Lane


Tucked in a secret lil’ alley way in the heart of the CBD, Custom Lane is the lane where all of our sugary dreams come true. Beautifully kitted out with modern and chic design, the interiors here are as delicious as their sweet and savoury treats. Alongside their ridiculously scrummy and good-looking doughnuts, you’ll find some of Auckland's best croissants to cure your flaky, buttery, pastry cravings any time of the day. Pick these babies up in the AM for a grab-and-go kind of brekkie or swing by at night (or anytime in the day, we ‘aint judging) for a winning combo: cocktails and croissants. Yessss please.

La Cigale


It’s a familiar scene—you enter the French markets with croissants on the mind. The green smoothie and fresh veggies afterwards will make it all ok, because after all, you are getting your paws on Auckland’s best croissants. What better way than to get the appetite moving than an entree of a flaky, buttery beauty?! Avert your eyes and sidle past the first ones you see and venture inside La Cigale. You'll be greeted by row upon row of gorgeous French pastries, straight out of the oven. These buttery beauts are seriously on par with their counterparts made in the homeland. Parfait!

Patisserie Vaniyé


These guys are best-known for their stunning dessert creations that resemble delicate works of art (yet always taste damn delicious). Well it should come as little surprise that the Frenchies at Patisserie Vaniyé also make the best croissants in Auckland. Well worth the frightful butter intake. Their humble selection of French viennoiseries include the classics and only the classics; plain, pain au chocolat and almond. Proving the mantra that simple is usually best.

Le Rendez-Vous

Auckland City

For you lucky ducks who work close to Victoria Street’s Le Rendez-Vous, make like a true Parisian and grab one of Auckland's best, and most perfect croissants for breakfast en route to the office. Don’t act like you even have a choice in the matter when they do a croissant and coffee combo for just $5.50 in the mornings—given the average price of coffee in the 09, this makes the croissant almost free! The cabinet is filled with French pastries to butter you up in the morn, but trust us, don’t leave without grabbing a croissant. Get there early as they’re known to sell out—surely a sign of just how magnifique they really are.



Stepping inside Cheltenham’s Chateaubriant you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just walked out of the metro and into a Parisian deli. This French food emporium has all the usual suspects - baguettes, fromage, tartes, crème brulee and of course, the best croissants you’ll find in Auckland. Better yet, Chateaubriant also does plain croissants and pain au chocolat in miniature sizes (for a miniature price!). The perfect coffee accompaniment when you just want a little morsel of goodness. They also do an amazing chocolate croissant butter pudding, and yes it's exactly as amazing as it reads. 

Petit Bocal


Sandringham's cutest little local does simple French fare...with a kiwi twist. Get in for brunch early and nab one of their fantastic buttery croissants pain au chocolats with their perfect bitter chocolate centre to pick at while you ponder the menu. Petit Bocal’s tasty morsels are small and light, but don't let that small size fool you—these croissants, made fresh each morning, are of the highest quality. If you prefer to have your croissant as the star of the show, look no further than the warm croissant with salmon gravlax, scrambled eggs and crème fraiche at brekkie, or filled with champagne ham and melted emmental cheese at lunch—so much yes.

Ma Cherie


If it's authentic French you want, at Ma Cherie it's authentic French you'll get. Buttery croissants crafted by French patisserie extraordinaire, Guillame, using traditional recipes—these beauties are certainly the real deal. Their almond croissants are absolutely deserving of a special mention on this honour roll of Auckland’s best croissants. One bite of these rum-spiked frangipane-filled delights and you'll be transported to the cobbled streets and wide boulevards of the City of Love. Not a sweet tooth? Never fear. Let Ma Cherie's Croque Croissant with free-range ham, emmental cheese and oozing with béchamel sauce take you to your own version of croissant heaven.

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