Madam Woo | The Verdict

By Marilynn McLachlan
19th Jan 2016

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It’s become a bit of a tradition with TUL to head out for lunch on Thursdays and while some of the team had already visited this Takapuna hotspot, we were all keen for some of their Asian goodness.

This light and airy restaurant serves up Chinese and Malaysian style street food and was the brain child of Josh Emett and Fleur Caulton, who set up the original Madam Woo in Queenstown. 

While Madam Woo offers banquets—a selection of favourite dishes delivered to the table for groups—we opted for an entrée followed by a hawker roll. 

The pork and lup cheong wontons, tiger prawn dumplings went down a delicious treat, and we couldn’t get enough of the sukor spiced sticky chicken. Forget manners, this chicken is all fingers and saucy goodness, and you’ll def be needing that water bowl.

We ordered each of the hawker rolls (it’s important to try them all for research) and our table was pretty much silent for the next ten mins as we devoured the roti rolls. We tried the pulled sticky pork with pickled cucumber, percik chicken and toasted coconut and the soy, sesame eggplant with red chilli dressing—all as mouth-watering as the other.

There were plenty of other options on the menu that we are super-keen to come back and try. There’s four ‘Woo Family Favourites’ that include char kuey teow prawn and pork fried rice noodles, hainanese chicken and rice, market fish and Madam’s rending.

For dessert, choose between ice cream and Portuguese custard tarts, and while the beverage list is small, it complements the food perfectly—The Orient Expresso will send you back to work with a nice buzz but the caffeine means you won’t be falling asleep at your desk.

With super-friendly staff, a chilled vibe and delicious food, a meal at Madam Woo is definitely one to put on your Auckland food bucket list.

Click here for more details about Madam Woo, including open hours. 

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