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Wine And Paint Parties Are Popping Up All Over Auckland

By Emma Pickles
16th May 2017

You’ve seen the ads. DON’T drink and drive. DON’T drink and fry. DO drink and paint.

Introducing Mixing It Up, pop up events where you can paint and drink bubbles at innovative classes. Laurie and Cassandra (the masterminds behind these pop ups) decided Auckland’s event scene needed a shake up. And so, in a stroke of genius, they combined their two strengths—art and drinking—and Mixing It Up was born.

“Sometimes our lives can be so swallowed up by responsibilities that we forget to do things that fill us with happiness,” says Cassandra. “Our events encourage people to make time out for themselves while trying something new.”

Get your mates together and they’ll do the rest! They supply the paints, wine and nibbles from some of Auckland’s swankiest eateries. Or, you can book them for a private event!

With a drink in one hand and paint brush in the other you’ll definitely have your hands full. So don’t dress to impress because drinking plus painting equals a big mess.

And don’t worry—no artistic talent necessary.

If you are thinking 'but I haven’t painted since school!' 'But I can barely draw a stick figure.' 'But I suck at Pictionary.' Stop with the excuses. No one’s expecting you to come up with a da Vinci, van Gogh, Monet or Michelangelo.

That’s what the alcohol is for—so you think your piece is an absolute masterpiece, until you see it in the morning...

It’ll free your mind and your hand. You might actually find it relaxing.

And if it really does turn out absolutely incomprehensible, we got you. Just say you went for a Picasso vibe. You know, abstract. Open for interpretation. That’s what art is!

The Deets

What: Wine and Paint Parties

Where & When: Multiple venues across Auckland

For times, dates and venue info, visit Mixing It Up

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