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Cancel Your Plans, Netflix’s The Pharmacist Is Your New True Crime Obsession

By Morgan Reardon
7th Feb 2020

the pharmacist netflix

If we’re being honest, our obsession with true crime flicks, shows and docos is only growing. So, it’s fortunate that the legends at Netflix continue to pump out the gruesome goods. 

Cancel your plans, butter up the popcorn and say hello to our latest fave—The Pharmacist.

The four-part doco-series follows small town pharmacist Dan Schneider, who after losing his son in a 1999 drug-related shooting in New Orleans embarks on a dogged pursuit to find and bring his son's killer to justice.

But as Dan digs deeper, the ripple effect of his son’s addiction and tragic death find him coming face to face with something much more sinister—a troubling number of young, seemingly healthy people begin visiting his pharmacy with high dose prescriptions for OxyContin. Did we mention this is true story?

Sensing a crisis long before the opioid epidemic had gained nationwide attention, Dan stakes a mission: to save the lives of other sons and daughters within his community, then take the fight to Big Pharma itself. 

It’s powerful, terrifying and a must watch as one man channels his grief into a crusade that helped bring a reckoning against the powerful figures behind the nation’s devastating opioid epidemic.

In short, clear your schedule and get binging now. 

Image Credit: Netflix 

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