New Opening: 1947

By Jaiden Bhaga
13th Jun 2017

The Best Restaurants And Cafés In Auckland's CBD
The Best Restaurants And Cafés In Auckland's CBD

Auckland’s getting a whole new taste of India with the latest new opening, 1947 Eatery. Not your average Indian joint, the new eatery is the first of its kind with groundbreaking and innovative techniques to serve us the cuisines we’ve all come to know and love.

Found tucked away on Federal St. you need only follow the sweet sweet smell of aromatic spices to find yourself greeted at the door with their very own #1947 rickshaw. Brought to us by Angela Gaikwad, Harry Singh and Areeb Taimoori,  the terrific trio have spared no expense to deliver an authentically original ‘Kiwi-Indian’ dining experience. Inspired by her family before her, Angela has finally had her dream of creating a space to perfectly reflect her own bi-cultural upbringing with the opening of 1947.

“1947 was the year of India gained its independence,” Angela says. ‘Inspired by that, we’ve pushed the boundaries and ventured into unmarked territory for Auckland by bringing the streets of India to right here at home. We wanted to create a space the local Indian community can be proud of.’

Pledging to only deliver authentic flavours and sensations, you won’t find any added colouring or creams on the menu. Instead, they’ve been swapped out for care, time and a whole lot of attention to detail. Throughout the carefully crafted menu, you’ll find hints of the 1947’s hip personality sprinkled throughout, as well as some familiar classics you’ll find throughout the streets of India.

Sitting at a tandoor oven converted table, you’ll snack on moongaphalee shelled peanuts to tide you over for the experience yet to come. Set to have the entire city of Auckland raving, a must have starter for any visit are the curry chips. Starring golden crinkle cut fries, topped with their signature next-level awesome butter chicken sauce and melted cheese, we rate them as some of the best loaded fries in town!

Anyone who’s visited India has at least heard of the local fave, the chicken lollipop. Well, they’ve finally arrived on our shore. 1947’s ‘Wannabe Drumsticks’ are a snack not to miss and don’t even get us started on the moorish shenzhen sauce!

Our top pick is the blessing upon the foodie scene that is the Pav Bhaaji. Hailed as a favourite on the streets of India, this small but mighty dish won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Alongside toasted butter buns, you’ll find katori, filled with a spiced veggie mash topped with red onions, it’s the burst of flavour you’ve been waiting for.

Not your usual, the Dahi Kebab features spiced cream cheese and yoghurt filled vegetarian patties served alongside the mint and Kiwi sauces so divine they’re one step away from heaven.

Well worth the wait, the tandoor selection is all made to order. The result? Mouthwatering tender meat, spiced to absolute perfection. Our top pick would have to be the Malai chicken—succulent pieces of chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, coriander stems and a little dash of cream. Trust us when we say you won’t be able to stop at just one bite.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for… the butter chicken. Offering a fresh perspective, 1947’s Bang Bang Butter Chicken is as finger-licking good as it sounds. Full of plenty of tang and sweetness, you won’t miss the strong presence of cashews amongst the awesomeness. Simmered for 24-48 hours over the tandoor, you can count on a guilt-free orange colour.

The staff favourite, Tava Chicken, is definitely not one to pass up. A road side dhaba dish, the treat is cooked in a big pan in a gorgeous thick sweet n’ spicy gravy. If you’re a vego, by no means at all do you have to miss out! You’ll want to check out the Malai Kofta, a thrilling number of deep fried dumplings filled with paneer and potatoes smothered a seductive smooth cashew gravy. You’ll have the food envy of the table.

A new place holder on the Auckland foodie scene, the exclusive chef's special, the lamb shank nihaari is slow-cooked to tender perfection for an impressive six hours. Served alongside puffy light khamiri naan, it’s the perfect curry for winter.

Of course, you won’t want to miss a chance to try one of 1947’s exclusive cocktails. Inspired by the culmination of worldwide flavours, the  Migrating Eagle will make you feel like you have wings yourself! Looking to spice things up? The Sharabi Chai is for you. Served in a teacup, you’ll find hints of spiced rum, cream liqueur, chocolate bitters,  cinnamon and a seductive homemade masala chai syrup.

You’ll want to watch this space, the coming months will see 1947 expand into a dedicated ‘chai corner’ and even a private Bollywood karaoke booth.

So, uh, what are you waiting for? Round up the squad and get on down to 1947 and see what all the fuss is about!

For more details about 1947 including opening hours, click here. 

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