New Opening: Oasis Café

By Kate Rose
26th Jul 2017

People of Howick, brace yourselves, we’ve found a damn good café tucked away on Central Terrace, and it is going to Change. Your. Life. Introducing Oasis Café.

Since opening a mere few weeks ago, this café slash epic smoothie bar has been the talk of the east coast town. Owned by Rosie Hunter and managed by her younger sister Sarah, Oasis Café is truly a hidden gem.

Rosie had always dreamt of owning a café, though this is her first foray into hospitality and with serendipitous timing, sister Sarah had recently returned from London where she honed her craft as a Patisserie Chef.

In the kitchen, Sarah whips up her own peanut butter for the chocolate, peanut and salted caramel smoothies—thick, with the perfect balance of salty and sweet they are seriously out of this world. Other flavors include strawberry and basil, and blueberries and cream. YUM

Though what really got us, was how accommodating both the food and beverage options are.  Vegan? No worries. Gluten-free? Sweet as. Want to eat your weight in every carb imaginable? Sure, thing. The girls pride themselves on being adaptable and providing delicious and nutritious food to everyone, no matter your weird food allergies or all-out carb-frenzy cravings.

Clear standouts on the menu are the open toasts—edamame and sweet pea crush with seaweed crack, pretty beetroot and green apple and, our favorite, the roast pear with honey, thyme and house made peanut butter.

Other morning dishes worth a mention are the breakfast bowls. Think raspberry and dark chocolate toasted muesli, strawberry and cream overnight oats, and dainty chia puddings. Paired with strong Flight Coffee, this is a morning ritual you cannot deny.

Away from the menu and into the cabinet, you’ll find the crème de la crème of puddings, slices, tartlets, cakes and even house made s’mores that are flamed to order. Yes, you read that right. We said, they are flamed and caramelized to order. And while we’re on the subject of flaming, Oasis Cafe isn’t shy about using a blowtorch. You can opt have any hot drink caramelized—our pick is the crème brûléed, salted caramel latte. Dreamy.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave without trying a raspberry macaroon. The outer shell satisfyingly breaks to reveal soft and smooth, raspberry buttercream. Topped with hundreds and thousands, and sitting pretty in pastel pink, this is everything we’ve ever wanted—and more.

Truly an Evergreen Oasis focusing on bringing healthy alternative eats to the locals, we couldn’t be happier that Oasis Café has joined the neighborhood. And, judging by the hoards of locals clamoring for healthy treats and whipped smoothies, we’re not the only ones that have noticed.

Head to Oasis Café if you want to knock back some of the best breakfasts and coffee in the Eastern Suburbs, and do not leave the area without wrapping yourself around one of those s’mores. They are. TO DIE FOR.

For more information about Oasis Cafe, including opening hours click here. 

Image credit: Kate Rose

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