New Opening: Rabbit Cafe

By Jaiden Bhaga - 12 Jul 2017

New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
Auckland’s Best Vegetarian Eats
New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
New Opening: Rabbit Cafe
Auckland’s Best Vegetarian Eats
Rabbit Cafe

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Auckland just got a whole lot more hip and hoppin’ with it’s latest opening, Rabbit Cafe. We think it just may be the most creative, crafty and charming eatery in town!

Take a trip down the rabbit hole as you enter the new St. Benedicts Street digs and find yourself immersed in a spectacular wonderland of mix-matched magic. With a fit-out featuring deep, earthy and natural wooden tones, you won’t know where to look. Between pennant streamers, local street art, hand-painted table tops and affectionately sourced antiques, you'll find yourself feeling right at home amongst the awesomeness. For owners Hayden Hyams and Anna Sotheran, Rabbit is the latest result of a 15-year journey owning various cafes and are thrilled to offer a uniquely vegetarian offering.

“It’s really been a labour of love,” says Anna. “Although we’re vegetarian, you’d hardly notice —you can still find all your brunch favourites.”

Expertly crafted by chef Hayden, you’ll find nothing on the menu short of mouth-watering. Looking over the menu, you’ll find yourself not even giving the absence of meat a second thought—with a menu this good, who needs it?

Who said green eggs needed ham? Seasoned to perfection and coloured with a power combo of green goodness, these gems are served alongside potato sourdough, and smoky coconut chips. It’s a dish that Dr Seuss himself would be proud of!

After a cafe classic? You really don’t want to miss the best french toast in town. Rich sweet and indulgent, the masterpiece is topped with a dark chocolate banana, chopped nuts and an insane whipped coconut cream. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they even serve a swoon-worthy vegan option.

Anna’s top pick is the roast parsnip Banh Mi, with faux goie, sticky soy sauce, carrots, bean sprouts and toasted peanuts. It’s the perfect breakfast sammie. Hayden’s top pick is the larger-than-life quinoa fritter. As big as your face, this bad boy is served up piping hot and topped with a mountain of horseradish slaw and a sprinkle of crunchy candied walnuts. It’s definitely one for the foodie bucket list.

Picky? You can even make up your own creation with the extensive DIY section. It serves up such a big variety nibbles you’ll want one of everything! Hint: the creamy mushrooms and potato and sage hash browns are out of this world.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, could these guys get any better? The answer is yes. On top of all of this they offer fresh caffeine brews, a fully stocked cabinet of slices, tarts, loaves, salads and a killer chocolate orange brownie.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to scrumptious soups, sensational smoothies they also offer GUILT FREE SUGAR-FREE MILKSHAKES. That’s right, you can now sit back and relax and watch your yard fill up with all the boys as you sip on sugar-free liquid gold. What’s the secret you ask? All shakes are sweetened with a heavenly date syrup—you won’t even notice the difference! With vanilla, chocolate, banana, and super strawberry to choose from and a vegan option available, there’s no excuse for passing up these bad boys on your next visit.

Re-defining what it means to eat “rabbit food”, you simply have to hop on down and pay a visit to the friendly faces and experience the magic and adventure for yourself. One to be treasured, the rave-worthy Rabbit Cafe is the best one-stop spot for vegan eats in town.

For more information about Rabbit Cafe, including opening hours click here. 

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