New Opening: The Source Bulk Foods

By Ruby Johnson
19th Sep 2017

New Opening: The Source Bulk Foods

Our beautiful little country does so much for us every day, and we think it’s about time we all start giving her some sweet lovin’ back. Here in the land of sheep, we’re no strangers to health food stores popping up all over the place. That said, we have some news for you! We’ve found a new opening that helps us love both ourselves and the environment at the same time. Let us kindly introduce you to your new fave one-stop shop, The Source Bulk Foods.

It’s no secret that plastic is the literal devil and, in this modern age, we’re pretty much drowning in it. Sure, we can decline a plastic bag at the supermarket and juggle all our goodies on the way back to the car, but you know the saying, don’t cry over spilt milk wine. So, even better, is to ditch the plastic struggle altogether and become an eco-warrior. Introducing your pal: The Source.

If you’re one to follow trends, we already know you have some uninhabited mason jars lying about. Put those babies to use and take them along to The Source to stock up on all the wholefood goodness on offer. All the berries, bliss balls and granola you can fit in your belly? Yes, please! Don’t fret if you forget your precious jars at home because The Source has got you sussed by providing jars and reusable bags for your use. You’ve outdone yourself, The Source!

If there’s one health food that’s been raved about nonstop this year, it’s got to be kombucha. And, if you’re a fan, we’ve found the answer to your prayers. The Source Bulk Foods blesses us with three flavours (yes, three!) of kombucha on tap! Divvy up between berry, turmeric or ginger and get to drinking. We see no end to this bevvy…

Food isn’t the only thing the team at The Source Bulk Foods know about. They’ve also got sustainable accessories under their belts. Treat yourself to some of their beautiful bowls made from coconut shells and you’ve got the perfect excuse to post a pic of your morning acai bowl. #breakfastgoals

We could go on all day about how valuable The Source Bulk Foods is (for us, and the planet), but we’ll let you witness the goodness for yourselves. Visit this sparkling new gem in Milford and you’ll never look back! No excuses now, we’re watching you Auckland!

For more information about The Source, including opening hours, click here.

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