New Zealand Fashion Brands We’re Loving Right Now

By Ben Tunui
4th Jul 2017

New Zealand Fashion Brands We’re Loving Right Now

In our big little country there are some fashion empires that we are taking the world by storm! We’re talking brands advocating a clean, green, ethical reputation that us Kiwis are so proud to take in our stride.

To keep you in the know, we’ve rounded up New Zealand’s most iconic fashion brands you need to know about, stat.


Newmarket and Ponsonby

With an ethos surrounding feminism and beauty within, Lonely is becoming a clothing empire. A New Zealand design-based house, it specialises in lingerie, swimwear and clothing. Recently, it has hit stores by storm becoming one of New Zealand’s most beloved brands for girls all around the world.

Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding and our very own Lorde (to name a few) have been snapped wearing Lonely on the reg, which can only mean it is not only a success in little ole’ NZ, but globally as well. We reckon this is something for us Kiwis to be proud of!

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect outfit for a night out in Ponsonby, searching for that super casual get-up to wear to a Sunday brunch or even something to lounge around the house in accompanied by a cuppa, Lonely is your go-to. Each piece of clothing is ethically made with a whole lot of Kiwi lovin’.

Get to it ladies, who doesn’t love a little bit of a lingerie fix here and there?               

I Love Ugly


I Love Ugly, an Auckland-based brand, hit our clothing racks in 2008. Not only does I Love Ugly provide us Kiwi lads with minimalistic yet stylish tees and pants, you can also get your fix of a watch, a wallet, right down to a bottle of beer—pretty ideal if you ask us.

Described as living and breathing the culture of design, art and literature, I Love Ugly provide all the #threads that every guy needs this winter. The brand itself has been recognised globally, which again, goes to show how talented our little country really is!

Looking for a lil something for your school ball, or perhaps even something to woo that Tinder date with—I Love Ugly is your go-to-guy!



When you blend organic, monochromatic and comfort into one, you get a large dose of Commoners—one of New Zealand’s most ethical, comfortable and stylish brands that you need in that closet of yours, stat.

While other Kiwi brands may take you through a fashion-forward journey, Commoners are all about those basic, staple items that you need in your life—and we mean need. If comfortable clothing isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, then keep on reading…

Commoners are not only all about providing the world with classic staples, they also advocate an ethical background that allows a totally guilt-free purchase to be made every single time you’re in store. What more could you want?!?

Described as ‘wardrobe essentials without the pretentious price tag’, Commoners ticks all of our boxes. Make a sneaky purchase now so you can see what all the fuss is about.


Britomart, Takapuna and Newmarket

Huffer was first established in 1997 and right now, it’s in its ultimate prime—we’re sure a few of you ’90s kids will be able to relate.

Huffer takes pride in their fashion and functionality ethos, creating clothes for us Kiwis in a way that allows us to look good and feel good—total bonus! Check out their ‘gram for more or—better yet—get in store now.

They really are one of New Zealand’s most iconic, beloved brands and we totally understand why. Whether you’re in need of something to lounge around the house in, perhaps a little something to debut out to Sunday brunch, or even a little something for the snow during—Huffer has got your back.

Stolen Girlfriends Club


Created by a New Zealand-based trio, Stolen Girlfriends Club hit stores in 2005—and they’re still thriving to this day. With some of their sample sales giving you some total steals, there is absolutely no reason to not already have a few of their pieces on your shelves, right now.

Again, because us Kiwis like to keep everything as #organic as we can, Stolen Girlfriends Club take pride in their ethical, organic style and ethos—we sense a trend among our fashion extraordinaire. Described as “laced with confidence and courage” this grunge-like, on-trend brand is everything we’ve been dreaming about.

Stocked in more than 13 countries worldwide, this fashion empire is literally everything you need to stay on point in New Zealand, and with a store in Auckland awaiting your arrival, there’s no excuse for you fellow JAFAs to be Stolen Gf Club-less.

Get to it…we dare you.


Online (and selected stores Auckland-wide)

Labelled as ‘shopping sustainably and mindfully’, Kowtow give us that sense of organic and ethical fashion that we tend to see in a lot of our fellow Kiwis work—kudos to those specific few.

Following that ethos, each of their factory workers are treated with the utmost care—some even provided with free education—which makes us want to have a Kowtow-filled closet even more. Scratch all plans to hit those mainstream sales this weekend—these clothes are 100% organic, and allow those guilt-free purchases to be channelled on all shopping sprees.

If you’re wanting to know a lil more about our friends at Kowtow, they provide their customers with a small snippet of where their clothes originate from here

Kowtow is a MUST in our opinion…



In 1996, a Kiwi gem was born: Widdess. Created in a small, yet quaint workroom above their store on Ponsonby Road, their clothing is made with a whole lot of TLC.

Widdess focuses on an organic aesthetic, providing you Kiwi girls out there with some of New Zealand’s most stylish and ethical numbers. Whether you’re wanting to dress one of their garments with heels for a night out, or white sneakers for a more smart-casual kinda look, Widdess is definitely within that vibe.

Widdess not only provide you with their own line of work, but they also work with other brands such as The Knitter (another brand created by one of our very own), Botanica Workshop and Fat and the Moon, to name a few.

Whether you’re searching for an outfit, jewellery, even ceramics to complete that kitchen of yours, Widdess is a go-to for all your Kiwi gals. 

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Image credit: Hayden Worsfold for Huffer

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