New Zealand’s Big Everything

By Georgia Jayne Young
28th Sep 2017

New Zealand’s Big Everything

You may not have noticed but here in Kiwiland, we seem to be obsessed with big things. From fruit to sea creatures to Homer Simpson’s favourite snack, we’ve got ‘em covered across the countryside.  Here we round up New Zealand's biggest...well...everything!

Big Kiwi


It wouldn’t be New Zealand without a big ol’ Kiwi and we’re not talking the fruit kind. Yup, you can find multiple giant kiwi sculptures around the town of Otohoranga—New Zealand’s self-proclaimed ‘Kiwiana capital of the world’. We recommend visiting during the jolly season to see the big guy dressed up in a festive Santa suit. You’re welcome.

Big Gumboot


Yup, this place is known as ‘the gumboot capital of the world’ and the Taihapians wear their title with pride, hosting an annual Gumboot Day, which of course is not complete without a classic gumboot throwing competition.

Big Doughnut


Yes there is a town in New Zealand called Springfield and yes, they have a massive doughnut with pink frosting and sprinkles. The six-tonne frosted treat was gifted to the town by 20th Century Fox in 2007 with the launch of The Simpsons Movie. No big deal guys.

Big Salmon


So this salmon is 12-metres high and still somehow someone accidentally drove into it earlier this year, and that’s all we have to say about that.

Big Guitar 


The big guitar is one of New Zealand’s lesser-known big icons but very much worthy of a look. Something you probably don’t know? This gigantic guitar statue is there to symbolise New Zealand’s capital of country music.

Big Carrot


Definitely, a fave of all of the (many) big things found in our little country is the gigantic roadside carrot. This guy’s been around for ages despite a mini uproar from a few locals about a slight “phallic” resemblance...

Big Crayfish


Not only known as the best spot in the country for whale watching, Kaikoura is also known for their world-class seafood including crayfish, hence the massive six-metre cray attached to the outside to the Lobster Inn.

Big Kiwifruit

Te Puke

New Zealand is all about capitals and, Te Puke holds yet another – the kiwifruit capital of the world! No Kiwi backpacking experience is complete without a photo with this massive kiwi slice that can be found nestled amongst kiwi country in Te Puke.

Big Apple


This town is famous for their epic glow worm caves, but the tourist attractions don’t stop there because Waitomo is also the home of New Zealand’s very own Big Apple at the Big Apple Cafe, your perfect post-cave expedition drink location. 

Big Bull


A bull in Bulls? No explanation needed.

Big L&P bottle


If this isn’t iconic then we don’t know what is. This statue commemorates Kiwi’s love for this lemony fizzy drink made right there in Paeroa itself. The big bottle has been around since the sixties, making it one of the oldest of the biggies in NZ.

Big Spider


Belovedly named Dale the Avondale spider, this guy is basically what nightmares are made of if you are not a spider fan. However, the locals love him and even wore “Save Dale” badges  in protest of removing him from the community in 2016.

Big Bike


This three metre bicycle was erected to help promote road safety on bikes in the area. Unfortunately safety for tourists climbing on top of the bike sculpture has not been promoted...

Big Sandfly


One of the most unique tourist attractions around—just make sure you don’t forget to stop in at the Puke Pub while you’re there and order yourself a possum pie. Yeah, we’re not even kidding, they serve possum pie....

Big Prawn


Yup, you can find yourself another oversized sea creature right in Taupo at the Huka Prawn Park. You can even stop in at the restaurant and eat some prawns...whilst looking at the big prawn.

Big Dog and Sheep


Possibly the only information centre housed inside of a gigantic dog and he has a big sheep friend right next door too. The cute factor is way up there with this one guys.

Big Fruit


Obviously a countries collection of oversized things would not be complete without a fruit selection, don’t you think? Luckily Cromwell is bringing not only a pear and apple but also a peach and nectarine to the table. Thank God for that.

Image Credit: Kiwifruit Country Tours

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