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New Zealand’s First Rage Room Opens This Weekend!

By Ava Wardecki
20th Oct 2017

New Zealand's First Rage Room Opens This Weekend!

Stress, angst, frustrations—what ever they are, these niggly, nasty little feelings sure have a knack of creeping their way into our systems. And what a pain they are. From making us wanna pull every last hair out of our heads to giving us the irresistible urge to scream until our pipes bleed, these pesky little feelings have a way of making us feel, well, pretty darn sh*tty.

From relaxing day spas to beautiful beaches, floatation tanks to Zen-filled meditation classes, there’s definitely no shortage of easy going ways to let all the built up anger and stress seep out from your system.

However sometimes, all that zen jazz just won’t cut it for ya. You need something fast and furious to put your frustrations in their place.

Enter: The Rage Room New Zealand’s first ever—you guessed it—rage room, where you can smash, thrash and thoroughly bash your rage away!

Yep, you read that right. It’s a whole room where you can unleash your wrath on the world (well, err the room) and smash its contents to smithereens—and it’s opening up this weekend!

Located in Dialled Tramp Park in Tauranga, The Rage Room is a wee bit away from our stomping ground in Auckland. However, we think a roadie here is well worth it because what could be more satisfying than flinging stuff around the room with no consequences?!

At The Rage Room, you’ll be treated to all the smash-worthy items your raging heart desires. From furniture to china, glasses to electronics, you’ll be able to smash up a mighty fine storm. And, if you happen to have some little things lying around that are just asking to be biffed up, (y’know like that busted keyboard from a decade or that cracked teapot you’re, let’s face it, never going to superglue back together) then pop ‘em in a box, bring them along with you and you’ll be able to smash them till they’re dust!

Better yet, if you’ve got some pals or a significant other who need to get some angst off their chest, you can book in for a date night or party session for up to four pals and have a nifty little rage party.  

Get organising your roadies to Tauranga now, your smashing, bashing and thrashing therapy awaits you!

The Deets:

What: The Rage Room is Opening at Dialled Tramp Park

When: Opening Saturday 10am

Where: 13 Triton Ave, Mt Maunganui

Image Credit: Dialled Indoor Tramp Park

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