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New Zealand’s Secret Magical Pods Will Light Up Your World

By Urban List Writers
1st May 2019

A week ago we revealed one of the most magically epic experiences in the world—sleeping in an inflatable bubble in the middle of the Icelandic wilderness. It was only natural that it would tickle your travel bug. But…what if we told you there was something equally as epic and right here on our very own doorstep?

Come closer…and we’ll reveal all.

Here in good ol’ New Zealand, you can have an experience that dreams are made of—literally. We’re talking about PurePods. These glass pods are plopped across the country in four different locations where you can forget all about curtains and simply soak in the spectacular views of Aotearoa.

Lie back and imagine slipping away from the hustle and bustle of city life and finding a slice of natural paradise in your very own PurePod. Forget all about those freezing tents and crowded hotels, this is just you and Mother Nature herself.

Here, they are proud to boast, there is, literally, nothing to do. Wifi? Movies? TV? No, no, no! Here it’s just you and a USB outlet with a Bluetooth speaker.

Sound like a bit of you?

One option is the Manakau PurePod—with stunning views of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Range, and 20 minutes inland from Kaikoura, you need to walk through a grove of trees to discover your pod smack bang in the middle of a paddock. Wait until the sun goes down before gaping in awe as the night sky arrives in all its sparkling glory.

There are other pods available too—the Kahutara, the Greystone and the Little River. Each one reveals just how majestical Mother Nature truly is. You’ll be singing yourself to sleep with Star Light, Star Bright and waking in the morning to find all your wishes have come true.

The Deets:

What: PurePods
Where: Four South Island locations
More info: Here

Image credit: PurePods, supplied

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