Work This One Out, Nic Cage Beats Kevin Bacon For The Role Of Joe Exotic

By Rick Stephens
5th May 2020

Nicolas Cage in leather jacket lined with faux animal fur.

Joe Exotic-related news travels faster than a tiger taking to one of his employees at feeding time, so it’s safe to say you’re probably aware that silver-screen oddball, Nicolas Cage, has been given the green light to play the big cat collector turned jailbird in scripted television series.

Discussions on Cage filling the role have apparently been in the works for a little while now, but rumours coming out of Tinseltown suggest that the one and only Kevin Bacon expressed interest in the gig. 

Bacon shared his keenness and mentioned to NBC News it’s characters like Exotic that he usually gets asked to play. The Footloose star wasn’t the only one in line, though, with Orlando Bloom sending Chinese whispers across the globe via an Instagram post depicting himself as Exotic wrestling with a tiger.

After the creators of Tiger King spoke with the Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Exotic was hoping for either Brad Pitt or David Spade to retell his tale. Whether Pitt would be an accurate representation of the viral tiger-wrestler is surely up for debate, while Spade’s 2001 depiction of Joe Dirt bears a strange semblance to the docuseries star.

Meanwhile, over in camp Carole Baskin, Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon is set to play Exotic’s arch-enemy in another spin-off reportedly in the works, which you can learn all about here.

Image credit: JC Olivera

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