Nitro Cow Now Has A Permanent Home!

By Grace Noles
16th Oct 2017

Nitro Cow Now Has A Permanent Home!

Boy, do we have some exciting news for you. One of Auckland’s favourite on-the-go food trucks is setting up shop permanently—and it’s just in time for summer.

If you’re just as amazed as us when it comes to gelato served with smoke pouring out the sides (we’re very easily amused, obviously) or you’ve always wondered what the big fuss was about every time a MasterChef contestant whipped out a barrel of the stuff, Nitro Cow’s liquid nitrogen gelato is here to answer your calls.

Takapuna is now the proud home to Nitro Cow’s brand new store. This means no more of this stalking and hunting down food trucks business, you can now make a direct beeline to gelato heaven.

With a generous menu of Insta-worthy desserts, Nitro Cow has been a hot favourite of Aucklanders for a while now! So what exactly goes down?

Step one is to pick what flavour gelato you’re after. Nitro Cow has the most deluxe flavours like salted caramel, smores, and peanut butter and jelly to name a few. Next, you get to choose whether to have your creation served up in a good ol’ cup or venture out and try one of the infamous Nitro Cow egg waffle cones. And then the final (and arguably the best) step is to drown your gelato in all the best things like sauces, sprinkles, whipped cream, toasted marshmallows, caramel popcorn, and pretzels.

So make sure you get your mouth wrapped around one of these tasty treats asap, trust us – you won’t regret this one!

For more information about Nitro Cow’s new store, including opening hours, click here.

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