NZ Instagram Accounts To Follow For Total #fitspo

By Bella Askelund
2nd Oct 2017

NZ Instagram Accounts To Follow For Total #fitspo

New Zealanders are true leisure lovers. We’ll find peace in just about anything. From ample blob time on the sofa resulting in chocolate-induced comas to falling blackout asleep on public transport, we have mastered the art of relaxation. Some would say we’re OTT…but when it comes to the lax life, we live by the phrase ‘go hard or go home’. Unfortunately for us chillers, summer is soon approaching and our M&M belly’s look scarily similar to the dad bods at a Hawaiian resort.

Fast forward to Instagram and you’ll find a whole lot of boss body bit*** doing their thing! Loaded squats, rope climbing, record ab holds and the rest—New Zealand has gotten frighteningly #fitspo since our serene hibernation. Well, we’re coming out and we’re ready to smash out some fitness goals, starting with a few sneaky follows on the 'Gram. Apparently, even just scrolling will help shed some pounds?

So, for those in a similar situation, here are New Zealand’s best Instagram accounts to follow for some total #fitspo.

Jess Quinn


If you needed a reality check, this is it. Jess Quinn will have you slipping on your sneakers within a matter of seconds due to her zero excuse policy. At nine-years-old, Jess lost her leg to bone cancer, yet she’s achieved more than many able-bodied people. Using a blade prosthesis, she’s running, jumping and boxing in the gym harder than the majority. A true inspiration, this Instagram fit girl has more than 157 thousand followers with a bio reading “showing cancer who’s boss since 2001”. Yes girl! She puts a smile on our dial just scrolling her feed, proving that a strong mind is just as powerful as a strong body.

Art Green


Hey, those ample television hours have come in handy! We recognise this slice of #manporn from the first season of The Bachelor. Mhmm, Art Green stole our hearts before his body looked photoshopped. An advocate for health and fitness, he is also the director of CleanPaleo, a Kiwi brand supplying muesli, snacks and protein powders to the health conscious. Follow him on the 'Gram and you’ll see him popping out for 10K runs on the reg, kicking butt at the gym and spending time with how now fiance, Matilda Rice. Warning: he’s also a Fitbit ambassador which may result in a sudden urge to invest in a fitness tracker that you may (or may not) ever use.


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Lydia Odonnell


Aka, the Kiwi who made Nike+ Run Club cool. Lydia Odonnell is #fitspo at it’s finest. She’ll be smashing out 40k runs in the morning, lunching with friends in the afternoon and then hitting the gym for another sweat sesh afterwards. Sometimes we wonder if she’s superhuman, because she just doesn’t seem to get that post run beetroot face and sweat drenched soggy hair look. HOW? Another reason Lydia’s life is so goals is that she has a community of fitness fanatic friends. We all know the saying: ‘friends who sweat together, stay together’.


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Simone Anderson


Simone Anderson proves that anything is possible. Her incredible weightless journey started in 2014. Two surgeries shedding 90 kg later, she shares her love for fitness, food and fashion to more than 245 thousand followers. Showing that life is all about balance, you’ll see her attending fab events in killer outfits in the evening and then smashing out a workout in the morning. What’s so admirable about Simone is that her posts are authentic. She doesn’t try to pretend she’s got that perfect bod or life. Instead, she’ll happily share a pic displaying the true nature of womanhood—stretchmarks and all. #girlpower. 

Coach Rhys


One of the most #fitspo dudes on the planet, Coach Rhys is like the hulk but even better. He’s a functional personal trainer, boasting epic workout routines that would leave us drowning in our own sweat. He does all that crazy stuff, like the giant tire rolling and box jumping moves that resemble acts from the Matrix. If you’re wanting to get into shape at lightening speed than Coach Rhys is no doubt your man. He’s also a Lululemon Ambassador so you can be sure he’s repping the slickest outfits…if that helps with the fact your legs may not be working tomorrow.


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Kirsty Godso


Kirsty Godso is goals on so many levels. She looks more like a model than a fitness trainer, but don’t let that fool you—she is fierce as hell! Not only does she work at Project Equinox in New York City, she is also a Nike Master Trainer. This Kiwi babe built her reputation as a Les Mills instructor, travelling the world on behalf of the franchise. If you’re one of the many who have downloaded the Nike Training App, you’ll be pretty familiar with Kirsty’s workouts on there. Or for those of you who love a good grit class at Les Mills, you’ve got Kirsty to thank for those too. We kind of want to transport into her mind and see where she gets her insane workout mindset from? If it’s on offer, we’ll take three, please.


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Lana Van Hout


On a similar playing field as Kirsty, Lana Van Hout is a model and fitness enthusiast. Her Instagram looks too perfect to be true, so prepare to get some FOMO with this one. As an ambassador for Adidas, you’ll find her consistently on the track, repping fresh sneakers, short shorts and a crop. Her specialty is middle distance track running, so she’s constantly travelling the world, working out and taking incredible images. If you have any doubt in your mind about getting up for that five am run, just give Lana’s gram a scroll. Apparently, the only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do. So, get to it!


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Beauden Barrett


Apart of the Barrett brothers trio, Beauden is forever providing fitness inspiration on his gram. A player for the All Blacks and the Hurricanes, you can’t get much fitter than ol' Bodey. He’s either pounding the pavement on his day off or hitting some golf balls around at the club—we’re beginning to wonder if rest is apart of his agenda. His other half, Hannah Laity, is equally sporty. Posting her workout routines and healthy lifestyle tips, the two of them will have you begging your SO to join the gym with you. Or, if you’re a real cuddle buddy, the extra tummy rolls just add more warmth, right?


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