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Settle In, Here are The Best 5 New Shows Hitting Kiwi Screens This Week

By Georgia Summerton
30th Sep 2019

A new week has arrived and with it is a whole lot of new watches for you to get stuck into after work. Get yourself a cup of tea let the autoplay rollover because this line-up has a got a bit of everything. 

Here are the best new release shows to watch this week. 


TVNZ On Demand

Three years after the mysterious disappearance of Batman, Gotham is in despair and citizens are in danger. Kate Kane knows she can help and becomes the one thing her family loathes, a dark knight vigilante. With the help of Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises tech guru Lucios Fox, Kate continues the legacy of her missing cousin, as Batwoman. 

Nancy Drew


Legendary novel character Nancy Drew is a seriously clever teenage detective who solved numerous unsolvable mysteries in her hometown. When her mother suddenly dies, Nancy’s life is jolted and she swears off crime-solving to focus on getting into college. When a socialite is murdered, Nancy finds her self mixed up in the case, as a prime suspect, dragging her back into the world she tried to escape from. 

Casual - Season 4 


Blind dates, one-night stands and growing older without settling down—Casual is the hilarious comedy about trying to figure adult life out. When a newly divorced mother of a teenage daughter moves in with her bachelor brother, their three dating lives contrast and clash as they each try and navigate the complicated world. 



FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench’s jobs are to get into the minds of the villains they are attempting to catch. By studying their damaged psyches, they are able to understand the serial killers, unlike most people, ever could. The series is based on true stories and follows incredible mysteries as they are unravelled by the two agents. 

The Politician


Rich kid, Payton Hobart has known since he was 7 years old that he would be the president of the United States. While this fact doesn’t scare him in the slightest, he first needs to figure out how to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all, High School. 

Prefer a film? Here are the best movies on Netflix right now.

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