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Ditch The Dairy | We Know Where To Find The Best Oat Milk In Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler
11th Oct 2019

Cup of coffee with oat milk

If you’re yet to catch onto the non-dairy milk buzz, now’s the time. With plenty of options cropping up, we knuckle down on the best alternative dairy milk option and why you need it in your life, stat. Oat Milk. Say wha? Yep, you heard right. Oats are a humble little grain that have not been getting all the love they deserve, but now, it's their time to shine. 

We're sure you already know that oats are little fibre-packed nutrition powerhouses, but there's so many more reasons to love them. Oats have been shown to boost immunity, help you reach your daily protein and B vitamin requirements, lower you blood cholesterol, and keep your bones nice and strong with their high calcium content. 

Need we say more? Well, we will anyway. Out of all plant based and dairy milks, Oat Milk stacks up as the most environmentally friendly option too. Soy comes in at a close second for lowest impact, with our old favourite, almond milk being known for its high water usage. The killer dairy milk takes the top spot for being the highest in emissions, land and water use. It’s also key to take into consideration the carbon footprint of importing a product, which is why our newfound favourite oat milk is Otis’ Oat Milk. It’s NZ’s first, homegrown oat milk—serving up the best ‘Flat Oats’ in cafes around Aotearoa.

Ok ok, so now we’ve sold you on trying the legendary oat milk latte, you’re probably thinking where the heck can I get one? Well, good news, oat milk is popping up all around Auckland, so check out our list of some of our faves below. 


Auckland CBD

Hands-down one of the best cafes for coffee in Auckland, Odettes has recently jumped on the oat milk bandwagon and started serving up the goods with Otis’ Oat Milk. Forever a fan of the almond milk latte, we’re still coming to terms with the fact that we are a fully converted oat milk latte orderer thanks to Odettes and Otis—how could you not be when they make it this frothy. 



A favourite jaunt for those residing in Takapuna, Honey cafe serves up a tasty oat milk latte. Yet to stock Otis’ milk, they serve an unsweetened, organic variety that also tastes pretty darn good. 


Auckland CBD

If you’re one to hang around K Road, no doubt you’re a regular at Bestie—the laid back, too cool for school St. Kevin's Arcade favourite. Next time you’re there, switch up your reg coffee for an oat milk latte. The baristas here work some serious magic with their Otis’ Oat Milk. 

Williams Eatery

Wynyard Quarter

Serving the goods to those in Silo Park, Williams Eatery knows what it’s doing when it comes to good food. And thankfully they also know what’s up when it comes to non-dairy milk. Serving up another oat milk specialty, order it on the side of your brekkie delight. 

Little Bird


No doubt regulars at Little Bird have been on the alternative dairy-milk buzz for awhile, with this health-conscious cafe serving an array of health-focused vegan options. Another favourite for supporting Otis’ Oat Milk, ask to switch up their usual cashew and coconut blend coffee order for the fabulous oat milk.

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Image credit: Chevanon photography

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