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By Anna May
3rd Jan 2016

best beach reads

Ah yes, holidays. The time when there is simply nothing to do but eat, drink, and be merry. If 2015 has left you with a pile of books on your shelf that you’ve been meaning to read, or you simply want to make up for all the trash you’ve read this year, we’ve sorted out your holiday reads for the Summer break.

Grab yourself a cocktail, plonk yourself somewhere comfy, and get stuck in. There’s something for everyone right here. 

The Girl On The Train | Paula Hawkins

Who doesn’t love a good page-turner? (Has anyone called their daughter that? I hope so). And that is indeed what you’ll get with this gripping read about a divorced thirty-something alcoholic who lives vicariously through a seemingly happy couple she watches from the train every day. This one will get you from the first page and have you promising “one more chapter” until it’s done. 

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves | Karen Joy Fowler

Less of a page-turner but definitely one that will stick with you for years to come, this is an incredible story about sibling love and family bonds with an incredible twist. Definitely one to swap among your friends and discuss at length after. 

Yes, Please | Amy Poehler

Assuming you haven’t read it yet, of course. Amy Poehler kicks arse in ever facet of her life, and her autobiography explains exactly how much arse she has kicked. Filled with hilarious stories, amazing advice and more lady pride than you ever thought possible, this is the perfect way to recharge on your Christmas break. 

Hades, Eden, The Fall | Candice Fox

Heading away on holiday and planning to do a whole lotta nothing? That’s the spirit. This series by Australian crime fiction writer Candice Fox will intrigue and scare you at the same time, while giving you plenty of page-turning goodness to rip through at your heart’s content. Pro tip: invest in a night light after devouring these.

The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah

For all historical fiction lovers out there, this one’s for you, especially if you haven’t had enough time to get your bookworm on this year. Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale is set during war-torn 1939 France and offers a bit of everything: romance, feminism, and a few tears. 

The Clasp | Sloane Crosley

If you’re more into the contemporary easy reading stuff with a touch of humour, The Clasp is right up your alley. Think laugh-out-loud love triangles and a solid dose of suspense. It’s the perfect beach read. 

Never Let Me Go | Kazuo Ishiguro

If there’s ever a time to read the book before you get stuck into the movie, this is it. Never Let Me Go deals with love, friendship, and memory. You might shed a tear, but it will be oh so worth it for this incredible read. 

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls | David Sedaris

Prefer to take it easy with your Summer reads? Humorist David Sedaris is the one for you in this hilarious collection of short stories. Tip: The book will make you laugh out loud, so maybe don’t lie on your stomach when you read this on the beach, lest people think you are getting a bit up close and personal with your towel. 

God Help The Child | Toni Morrison

If you haven’t read all of Toni Morrison’s incredible books, go back and do so right now. Then pick up her newest read and collapse into a ball of feelings at this incredibly powerful book. 

Useful | Debra Oswald

Were you one of those people that hasn’t been the same since Offspring left our screens in 2014? Good news, the show’s creator Debra Oswald has written a hilarious book to tide you over before it comes back. Filled with heart and lots of laughs, Useful is a story about turning hopelessness into something wonderful.

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