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Call It Couch Potato Couture, Here’s How To Style Up Your Lockdown Gear At Home

By Jess Willemse
14th Apr 2020

Whether you’re an athleisure addict or all about couch potato couture, there’s no denying lockdown has our lewks a bit all over the place. When the AM blends into the PM and Wednesday might as well be Friday, it can be hard to develop a consistent relationship with your wardrobe. 

That’s why we’ve turned to the expert, Jordan Gibson from Checks Downtown, to give us the lowdown on how he’s approaching at-home fashion, and pointers for elevating our lockdown looks. In true Check’s style, let’s just say a slew of cosy hoodies and comfortable shapes are in order, but pro tip: don’t be afraid to iron that wrinkly T-Shirt.        

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Jordan Gibson, I am the founder and principal at Checks Downtown and play a number of roles that include designing, branding, overseeing marketing and retail to vacuuming the floor and polishing the glass.


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What initially got you interested in fashion? 

There was something about clothing that I gravitated towards when I realised that different styles were connected to unique subcultures, and if you wore them it said something about you. Seeking out my own personal style was a way to distinguish myself.

What’s the story behind getting ‘Checks’ off the ground?

It was my lifelong ambition to start a clothing label. Before this, I had worked in multiple fashion retail environments and my previous job involved starting a brand for a company, doing the design, production and retail. I felt I had a good amount of experience to start something from scratch. What it would look like had started to evolve in my mind, and I think at that time I was ready to build my own vision, the name came to me and we were off.

What does your daily lockdown routine look like? 

I had a pretty good daily exercise regime before this, so now I can wake up a bit later without the need to commute, I do an online group workout, then shower, make breakfast and coffee, have a video meeting with the team three times a week to stay connected. We just got approved as a business that can ship essential items so I've been packing up orders from my home office and then most of my time is focused on creating engaging content for our audience to enjoy.

How would you describe your personal style, and how are you keeping true to it at home? 

My personal style is all about colour, texture and pattern. I naturally gravitate towards wearing four or five different colours rather than one or two and I am always interested in a mix of references. Maybe my footwear is classic and timeless, a leather loafer or sandal, I might be wearing vintage American denim set off with a striped t-shirt and a mohair cardigan. While at home I have been erring on the more comfortable side of my wardrobe, mostly only wearing Birkenstocks, hoodies and jumpers, sweatpants—but I've always made an effort.


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Where do you find fashion inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from a mix of references that I like to jumble together, workwear, streetwear, grunge, traditional tailoring, hip hop, punk, classic textiles.

Any advice for our readers on how to discover their own style and look?

I think that self-discovery is important in finding a personal style, you need to understand what you like and have tried things to figure this out. Give something a go, see if it fits with your vibe and if not, move on. Keep the things that gel with you. In my opinion, it comes with age, trial and error. But I would encourage people to look less to what is being favoured by a wide audience and get experimental.

Can you tell us about the top three cosy wardrobe essentials you can’t live without? 

I have a bunch of different hoodies, sweatshirts and wool jumpers that I've really leaned on at this time, also sweatpants which are really comfy but are the kind of thing that if I needed to leave the house I could totally do so without feeling scruffy.

When it comes to shoes and accessories, what’s your go-to at the moment? 

There's a model of Birkenstocks called the Boston, it's the closed-toe sandal that is often worn by chefs and such. There is a suede version which is really comfortable for slipping on and off and being a closed-toe shoe the Boston sort of doubles as a slipper. I love wearing them with socks. This lockdown has made me realise that I really want a cool pair of slippers though.


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What are some easy ways to elevate a work from home or loungewear look? 

I would say, as best you can get ready in the morning as if you were going to head into the office. If your top looks like it needs to be ironed, it feels really good to do so. A few businesses have now been approved to ship out warm clothing as essential items so it could be a good time to elevate your comfy clothing. Grabbing a cool new sweatshirt can go a really long way.

What are your favourite comfy clothing brands our readers should check out? 

I'd be remiss not to mention my brand, Checks Downtown, as we specialise in items like hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees. I also like the brands Entire World and Camber.

And finally, anything cool coming up at Checks we should keep an eye out for? 

We've got some content coming out in the coming weeks that I'm excited about, collaborating with a range of friends, a home workout guide, a recipe for hot cross buns, new playlists and episodes of our radio show. Following this lockdown we are planning our reemergence which will be exciting, we've got a lot of plans that had to be put on hold and so we will be coming out with a bang!

Image Credit: Checks Downtown

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