Sugar-Free Desserts We’re Loving Right Now

By Martha Brooke
24th Apr 2017

In case you've been living under a rock, quitting sugar is the new quitting smoking. Sugar can be found in most things, and we aren’t just talking doughnuts, cakes and the contents of the confectionary aisle either. Sneaking its way into food and dishes you wouldn’t even think of, giving up sugar altogether can be a tricky one. So, where do you begin?

Desserts are an obvious choice for all things sugar-infused but when you’re trying to give up the ’S’ word, pudding just seems like a no-go altogether. Well, not anymore! With an array of eateries on our doorstep offering healthier alternatives, we’ve decided to round up all of the sugar-free desserts we’re loving right now to help you on your way!

Though the desserts mentioned are free from refined sugars, they have been replaced with natural alternatives.

Little Bird Unbakery

Various Locations

Using only unrefined sugar, maple, agave and other natural sweeteners, Little Bird Unbakery are certainly doing their bit to cut out the nasties and focus on only the good stuff. With cabinets boasting ever-changing and seasonal sweet treats, it seems that their caramel slice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—and it’s no surprise either. With a gluten free oat and almond-infused base, gooey coconut and cashew centre and topped with a cacao and coconut layer, it’s a popular choice for those wanting to cut out sugar. The best part is, you won’t be able to tell the difference!


Herne Bay

You may be surprised to hear that a dessert with a name like 'dark chocolate cake' could be completely dairy, egg, white sugar, white flour and gluten free. But guess what? It is! That’s right, Janken doesn't just serve up delicious and healthy Asian-inspired food, they also dish up this incredible alternative to your regular sugar-packed dessert choices. Offering this rich chocolate cake to absolutely everyone, you don't have to be on the health train to enjoy this sweet treat!

Mondays Wholefoods


Sometimes all you really want is ice cream, but when you’re trying your best to completely give up sugar, you would think you sure as hell would wave goodbye to this chilly delight. Well, wipe those tears away and reach for your spoon instead as Mondays Wholefoods have created a chocolate and coconut sundae that contains zero traces of refined sugar! Hoorah! Made from rice and coconut sugar, expect to feast on the likes of coconut ice cream, chocolate bark, ganache and cacao nut and seed soil!

The Garden Shed

Mount Eden

Set in one of the most idyllic settings, The Garden Shed is Mount Eden’s very own piece of paradise. Oh, and their dessert options are nothing short of spectacular, either! With no refined sugar in sight, we recommend ordering in their vegan blueberry cheesecake, complete with coconut cream and fresh berries, that just so happens to be made with almonds and coconut oil! Goodbye sugar, hello guilt-free deliciousness!

Wise Cicada


You can bet your bottom dollar that Wise Cicada only serve up the most delicious and nutritious feeds to health-conscious foodies all over Auckland. The cafe serves up dish after dish of raw, vegan and organic-based eats and their cabinet of cakes and treats is no different either. Taking centre stage and winning us over completely is their banoffee cheesecake. Sugar-free, vegan, raw and organic, it is not only gonna make your tum extremely happy, it will also have your taste buds singing!

Well + Good


With an interior worthy of Pinterest and equally incredible food and drink on offer, you don’t have to be on a health craze to enjoy Well + Good. Their peanut butter and choc brownie is a thing of pure beauty, too. Made with nothing but the good stuff, you won’t find any refined sugar, dairy or gluten in this gooey treat! Instead, you’ll find organic raw peanut butter, raw cacao, coconut nectar, coconut oil and almond flour making up this slice of heaven! Guilt free and oh-so delicious, treat yourself after enjoying one of their freshly made salads for an ultimate foodie feast.

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​Image Credit: Little Bird Unbakery  

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