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Brace For The Chaos, A New Tiger King Documentary Lands This Week

By Jessica Best
28th Oct 2020

snap of joe exotic from animal planet documentary surviving joey exotic

A lot has happened since we first laid our eyes on the mullet-stricken and tiger-packed docuseries that is Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

In saying this, we’re more than ready for another documentary on the wild life of Joe Exotic. To preface this (but not to spoil a damn thing if you haven’t watched the Netflix series), Joe Exotic is a stranger-than-fiction cult personality in the world of big cat owners. He’s a mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and a country-western singer who presided over an Oklahoma roadside zoo but who is now serving out a 22-year prison sentence for attempting to hire a hitman along with a number of other violations of the Endangered Species Act.


In a new documentary called Surviving Joe Exotic, a team of filmmakers from Animal Planet were given exclusive access to the infamous G.W Zoo. Along with new interviews with rescue leaders, exotic animal experts and ex-employees—you’ll get an insight into the lives of the animals that made it out of the zoo, Exotic’s breedings practices and animal welfare breaches.

Surviving Joe Exotic will be coming to NZ screens via Sky's Animal Planet channel on Saturday 31 October at 8:30pm.  

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Image credit: Animal Planet

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