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The Best Auckland Bars With Board Games

By Olivia Atkinson
26th Apr 2018

The Best Auckland Bars With Board Games

Board games have a knack of bringing out a person’s true colours. That crazy-eyed look your flatmate gives you when they crack a triple word score? Or that menacing ‘mwah ha ha ha’ they let out as they sink your battle ship? Imagine how nuts things could get if you threw booze into the mix.

Whether you want to claim back your Monopoly title or espresso martinis and gossip sessions just ain’t cutting it, here are four Auckland bars with board games. Let the fun begin!

The Lumsden Freehouse


This Newmarket bar is basically the gift that keeps on giving. Come for the 120-strong selection of craft beer and truffle bacon mac’n’cheese, stay for the board games. As far as Auckland bars with board games go, The Lumsden Freehouse is prime territory to settle in for a hard core game of Cranium. The loser has to tackle the totally insane wings. These ‘thermonuclear’ chicken wings require a waiver to be signed—they’re that damn hot. Game face on! The stakes have never been higher.  

The Gin Room

Auckland City

Gin is always a good idea and this cosy, gem that is The Gin Room, is one of the best places to consume it in Auckland. Let cocktail wizards James and Cameron shake you up a creative libation while you pick your board game du jour. The dim lighting will set the scene for the game and the snug seats mean you’ll probably be there for hours on end—and trust us when we say you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Brothers Beer

City Works Depot

While you probably don’t need another reason to frequent Brothers Beer, we’re going to give you one anyway. With its comfy couches, quirky knick knacks and 200+ craft beers (!), Brothers Beer is the kinda place where you’d expect board games to make an appearance—and they do. Sink a couple of cold ones before launching into Guess Who, Cluedo and Pictionary. They also have a handful of other board games that they haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybs you can be the one to crack ‘em?!

Brew On Quay

Auckland City

From its sweet rooftop bar to the tempting bevvie and food menus, there’s a lot to dig about Brew on Quay in it's cool CBD spot. Everyone knows that board gaming is shambles on an empty stomach so we suggest you get some poutine or lamb ribs in ya. Wash it all down with a craftie, roll your sleeves up and declare war—some board game business is about to go down.

The Good Home

Multiple Locations

To stay true to its name, The Good Home creates an atmosphere of your home away from home with their cosy ambience, welcoming little library and sunny front porch. To make it even more homely, GOODHOME have also incorporated some board games in to their multiple pub to get you all interactive and keep you entertained. The Good Home isn’t only a fun place to spend time with friends and family but they have an extensive menu with some of the tastiest burgers and pizzas. 

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