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The Best New Must-Have Beauty Products

By Ellen Seah
6th Jan 2016


There are a couple of new beauty items that have caught our sharp little mascara-coated eyes at The Urban List recently – and you know we love to share (except when it comes to fries).

Here are the best must have beauty products that we think you should have in your collection for the new year. And the new you...

Dangerously easy spray on nail polish from Nails Inc

As much as we love dressing up our pointers, the amount of concentration, time, and skill required for a supposedly DIY task can get a little ridonkculous. The geniuses at Nails Inc (sorry Apple - there are some new geniuses in town), have created the world's first ever spray on nail polish! You simply spray, wait, then wash away the excess polish on your fingers. Perfectly painted nails in LITERALLY MINUTES. Hey friends, I believe my birthday is around the corner?

A micellar makeup wipe that’s as cool as it sounds from Simple

Using triple purified water and micelles (which are teensy tiny cleansing bubbles that can invigorate your skin), Simple have created one of the best makeup removers for sensitive souls. Micelles lift make-up and impurities out of your skin without artificial perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals. Known for their sensitive, dry skin-friendly products, Simple’s Micellar Makeup Remover Wipe is one of the best new products of the year. 

Cheat aging with ice crystals

Using ice crystals from the Swiss Alps, La Prairie developed a formula to make your skin resistant to signs of aging and stress. The newest product in the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection, the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion stimulates the skin to reduce signs of stress and daily fatigue. Lightweight and hydrating, this is one of the best luxury anti-aging products on the market. We'll take three please! 

Up your mascara game with plum

Instead of your standard straight-cut mascara, Lacome’s Grandoise mascara features a swan-like curve that mirrors the shape of your eyes to give your lashes a big boost up this season. Their latest shade, the 07 Mon Regard Parisien, is a gorgeous, glossy shade of dark plum and a must have for the summer season. Change up your lash-y goddesses this summer! 

An 18K gold present for your cuticles

Gold, for your nails?! Yes that’s right – beauty giant Sally Hansen has created a gold cuticle eraser if you really want to brush those dead skin cells away in styyyyle. An all-in-one exfoliating treatment for dry cuticles, this product buffs, moisturises, and smooths cuticles in need of some seriously lovin’. Gold-class lovin’.

The struggle for smokey eyes is over

L’Oreal’s Infallible Smokissime pen is the cheat's way to get the smokey eyes you’ve always wanted this summer. With four shades including the bangin’ Purple Smoke, the Infallible Smokissime pen instantly blends colours as you apply it, meaning that you have to do absolutely none of the hard work. With a foam-tip applicator and a gel-like powder that lasts up to 14 hours, you’ve got to get this product in your makeup bag for 2016!

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Image credit: Nails Inc

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