The Brunch Club | All The Smashed Avo You Need To Eat This Weekend

By Natasha Van Der Laan
3rd Nov 2017

Best Smashed Avo Brisbane

We all know that brunch is the best meal of the day—it’s an undeniable fact. As for what the best item on the brunch scene is? Another easy answer: smashed avo, duh. What if we added a cheeky 15% off, too? Nothing tastes better than savings—or something like that.

Well, prepare your hallelujahs, because we’ve teamed up with ASB to spread the word about their Brunch On Us offer. Prepare your bellies because you’re about to score a 15% refund* on your smashed avo (and brunch in general) at your fav local cafe. But how we hear you ask? All you need to do is chuck brunch on your personal ASB Visa credit card every weekend for the rest of the year. Make sure you pay between 8am - 12pm, though.  Other terms and exclusions apply, so check out the fine print below.

Here are our picks for Auckland’s best smashed avo to get you in the brunching mood. 



Head to Archie for wicked green goodness smashed with feta, atop either tasty toast or scrumptious bagel—yep, we were also waiting for smashed avo and bagel worlds to collide. A visit to Archie is a must for their occasional latte art, too—the team are a talented bunch! Smashed avo + coffee = perfect weekend. 

Sticky Fingers


Okay, so, it’s not technically smashed but there’s no denying that the avo at Sticky Fingers Cafe is aesthetic goals. Perfectly sliced avo sits pretty on a bed of roast veg with a perfectly poached egg perched on top—need we say more? Do it for the gram, because this iteration is probably the closest we’ll come to owning art in our lives.

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe

Grey Lynn

For those days you want something a little lighter but have sworn off bread, brunch can be a dangerous game. Thankfully Bread & Butter (despite their name) are picking up what you’re putting down. Their avo feature is just that, a refreshing avocado breakfast salad with crispy bacon, crispy potato, tomato, rocket and a poached egg.


St Johns

Sometimes you just need to focus on good local and fresh produce done well. Thankfully, Meadow does that to a tee and their smashed avo will defs have you going back every weekend (hey, no judgment here). Delicious smashed avo, piled atop multigrain bread, sprinkled with pickled shallots, salt baked baby beetroot, goats feta, and finished with spiced pumpkin seeds and vincotto. Phew! See you on the weekend, then?



The smashed avo at Catroux is one of the best looking smashed avos we’ve seen. We’re talking the classic combo of Midnight Baker toast, ricotta, roasted tomatoes plus basil and extra virgin olive oil. Get in our bellies, please.

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Okay, we get it, Auckland should just be renamed as the smashed avo capital of the world already. Dear Jervois stands out from the crowd, though, by offering smashed avo on house-made Swedish rye with poached eggs, whipped feta, olive oil and dukkah. And with the option to add bacon or salmon, there’s not really a question about it.

Black Cottage Cafe


Black Cottage Cafe’s menu may be humble, but their smashed is the stand out nonetheless. We’re talking toasted sourdough with smashed avo (duh), grilled asparagus, poached organic eggs, and finished with green hollandaise. You’re speaking our language. We’ll take five, kthnxbai.

Orphans Kitchen

Grey Lynn

We’re pretty sure cabbage doesn’t really spring to mind we say “best. Brunch. Ever” but hey, prepare your mind to be blown because that’s exactly what’s going down at Orphans Kitchen. Plus, David Attenborough visited this spot when he was in Auckland town, don't walk. 

The Details

What: ASB Brunch on us offer*
Where: all cafes across New Zealand
When: weekends in November and December, between 8 am and 12 pm

So, it's official then? Smashed avo is defs on the cards for this weekend. Just don't forget to pay with your ASB Visa credit card to score 15% off. 

*ASB will credit the 15% ‘on us’ discount to your ASB credit card account. The discount only applies up to the first $200 spent on brunch between 8am-12pm in any single purchase.  Offer applies to New Zealand cafes only and excludes fast food outlets, hotel restaurants/cafes, and petrol stations. Check out all terms and exclusions here.

Editor's note: This article was produced in partnership with ASB. For more information on our partners, and why we work with them, check out our editorial policy here. 

Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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