The Unwritten Rules Of Riding A Bike In Auckland

By Bella Askelund
5th Sep 2017

The Unwritten Rules Of Riding A Bike In Auckland

Riding a bike in Auckland is not the easiest of tasks. Repping the motto 'f*** the haters', the cyclists just keep chugging on. Yep, despite people with word vomit throwing insults out windows and beeping their horns on the reg, our Auckland cyclists are a determined bunch. However, whether your mode of transport has two wheels or four, there are some rules of bike riding that are mutually agreed upon. For instance, that cyclist on a joyride at 10pm sans a bike light—you, my friend, need to get yourself off the streets, ASAP.

Lucky for you all, a solution to the chaos has arrived. We’ve got 11 unwritten rules of riding a bike in Auckland to help the misfits catch on to the status quo.

1. Pedestrians come first, always. This one’s obvious. If you see a pedestrian crossing... STOP. There’s nothing more frustrating than a cyclist who thinks he’s the king pin.
2. On that note, if the light's red, it’s red for you on ya bike too. Just because you’re on two wheels doesn’t mean you're immune to the road rules.
3. Doors are dangerous. For those in cars, don’t be going around flinging ya door open willy nilly. And for those on a bike, be cautious that some people can’t see your slender man-lycra 300 metres back.
4. Taxis, Ubers and busses this one’s for you: take extra care for cyclists, please. You guys seem to be under frequent fire for knocking down cyclists. Not cool.
5. But as for you cyclists, Queen Street doesn’t equal a Les Mills spin class. Na uh. So why you gotta pedal at lightning speed? Slow down and be respectful. People have expensive shopping bags in hand, jeez!
6. FYI that counts for Auckland parks too. People like to chill out with their picnic and relax. They don’t wanna be bulldozed by a raging cyclist. Especially not mid ice cream lick.
7. Here’s a big one: Keep your mouth shut, always. Neither cyclist nor car driver needs to know your below-than-average views on each other. Especially not in a public space.
8. This one could solve many of road dramas. Cyclists, please take caution when parking. If there’s a two-car space available, please don’t fill half with your bike and then wonder why the car trying to parallel is sending daggers your way. It’s called a ‘car park’ for a reason.
9. Truth be told, Auckland drivers can be a little quick to cut corners. So pay extra care when turning on a bike. You don’t wanna be side swiped and curb bound before making it home.
10. Cycling in a squad is a whole new ball game. Although it looks pretty fun—yarning and riding—it’s not so fun when you’re the car stuck behind the cycle gang. So please, stick to the cycle lane.
11. We understand that those spandex suits aid in performance and won’t flap in the wind. With black being a flattering colour, it’s obvious why a cyclist picks it—but please don’t. You may as well be a ghost if you’re gonna wear black past dusk.

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