5 Tiny Food Themed Instagram Profiles You Should Be Following

By Ben Tyers
18th Oct 2017


Tiny food is definitely a trend that's got us interested, and while we absolutely love eating and looking at regular sized food, there’s something about tiny food that stops us from looking away at any point.

So, let’s not hold you up any further, there's tiny food to be gazed at. From tiny M&Ms to tiny burgers, here are 5 tiny food-themed Instagram profiles you really need to follow right now.

Tiny Foods

A tiny breakfast? It’s all too much.

Follow them here.

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Tiny Kitchen

Ever wondered how to make tiny donuts? Wonder no more.

Follow them here.


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Juju Loves Minis

All of this food is actually made from clay, so while it looks delicious, we won't be lining up to eat it.

Follow them here.


Shay Aaron has spent more than 10 years making tiny things. And the experience shows.


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Daily Mini

If you need a daily addition of tiny to your life, look no further than this account. You're going to get food plus everything else on this one, and that's the way we like it.

Follow them here.


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Image credit: Shay Aaron 

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