Top Winter Style Trends According To Which Suburb You Live In

By Ben Tunui
28th Jun 2017

Top Winter Style Trends According To Which Suburb You Live In

Auckland is versatile, vibrant and almost never making up its mind in terms of weather. With that being said, there is a vast range of fashion trends in this city that basically epitomize each suburb to a f**king t. Don’t try deny it…we have proof. Here are the top fashion trends you really should be wearing according to your suburb.

Of course, do take it with a healthy dose of humour…


As long as you’ve got your Kathmandu jacket nearby, you’re sure to settle into Takapuna very nicely. Maybe even debut your new Country Road bag while you’re at it.


No active wear here, no sir-ee! Ponsonby all about #fashun. Make sure you dress head-to-toe in some of New Zealand’s most-boujee brands. We think we can hear Karen Walker calling your name…

St Heliers

This is a shout out to all you oldies out there. If you’re not from St Heliers and you are wearing floral pants, with a spotted shirt, complete with beige loafers, you should really consider relocating…


Get out your latest Lululemon steal, match that with a pair of Nike’s, chuck on your KW shades and get that baby of yours in that $2000 stroller. You’re from Remuera baby! Oh shit…don’t forget you’ve got yoga after brunch with your therapist.

West Auckland

Your fashion trends this winter goes a little like this—your favourite polar fleece jumper, a beanie and maybe some drop crotch pants. Maybe we’ll see you hanging out at Westgate.

South Auckland

Lucky you! You’ll look great in nothing but your oldest pyjamas, accompanied by socks and ugg boots. You even head over to the Warehouse—they’re having a buy one get one free on all flannel shirts and you’re all about that #warewhare life.

Mission Bay

Every day is a fine day for Mission Bay’s finest civilians. But wait, there’s more! One ripped pair of jeans and a white linen shirt to match and clean white sneakers create that #beachbabe aesthetic, even in the winter. Actually, fuck it, take those shoes off and go barefoot on the sand. Make sure you nab a #rangiphoto

K’ Road

Whatever you’ve found among a pile of dirty laundry that can be deemed “hipster”, followed by your favourite (and only) pair of Doc Martens that you bought at Paperbag Princess. Complete your look with that “I’m alternative” look on your face. And, if you’re a chick, why not throw in a sneaky #freethenipple statement while you’re at it? Actually, even if you’re not, do it anyway. 

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