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TSG | The Verdict

By Olivia Atkinson
10th Nov 2015

TSG Restaurant Auckland
TSG Restaurant Auckland
TSG Restaurant Auckland
TSG Restaurant Auckland

Anyone who shares our love of booze, pizza, and live music is a-ok in our books. And luckily for us, those very three things are at the heart of the recently relaunched TSG.

Ring a bell? Yep, TSG was previously Tyler Street Garage—one of the best bars in Auckland, known for its epic rooftop views and industrial feel. While TSG has kept up the casual vibes of its predecessor, the kitchen is now headed by an Italian chef a.k.a. master of all things delicious and cheese laden.

Chef Mauro has hit the sweet spot by offering really good Italian food and, paired with the venue’s new look and focus on gigs, TSG is set to buzz throughout summer like never before.

Wander through TSG’s doors and it will no doubt feel familiar, but look strikingly different. TSG has been quirked up with neon lights, and black and yellow prints on white brick walls, giving the place a bit of edginess. 

After much ooing and aahing about the new look, nestle on the comfy seats on the rooftop and dive straight into the food menu. DEEP FRIED MOZZARELLA, PEOPLE! We like this Mauro guy, he can stay. TSG’s food is divided into small plates and pizza—by the slice, or in a giant slab big enough to feed your whole crew. Or, there’s mains and salads, and desserts for people who don’t like pizza (we’re not sure they even exist).

It’s tempting to order the entire menu, but if you’re trying to be a responsible adult and refrain from doing so, stick to the basics. Grab a couple of slices of pizza to try, traditional lasagne (the chef is Italian, how could you not?), and of course some mozzarella bocconcini. Add some wine—an essential to any Italian meal. 

The pizza is inspired by Italy’s street food, so expect beautiful, fresh flavours such as traditional margherita, prosciutto, and polpette e spinaci—lamb meatballs and spinach. 

Needless to say, you’ll chow it all down in no time. The cocktail list is particularly hard to resist and dessert includes chocolate salami…we’re not sure what that is, but will be heading back soon to give it a try.

If you loved TSG before its refurb, you’re in for a treat. Perfect for casual work lunch sessions, chill afternoon sessions, raging evening sessions (basically any kind of session), TSG is worth checking out.

Want to know the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find TSG in the Directory. 

Image credit: TSG

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