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The Last Czars Is Your Next Netflix Binge About The Romanov Family

By Georgia Summerton
8th Jul 2019

The chilly July evenings have definitely arrived and while it is miserable outside, it is the perfect excuse to bunker down and binge-watch a new series or two. This week there's a stellar line-up of new release shows and seasons hitting our screens so get cosy and check out what's on offer.

Here are the best shows to watch this week and where to find them.  

The Last Czars

One of the most famous families in history, wrapped in romantic tragedy and mystery, the Romanovs were the last Czars (Tsars) of Russia, their dynasty coming to an end when revolutionists crept into their palace and executed the entire household, children and all. The Last Czars tells their story as a dramatised documentary, featuring historians filling in the grittiest of details, and performers setting the scenes of the events that lead to the end of imperial rule in Russia. Watch it here.

Stranger Things - Season 3


The long wait is over for the latest season of Stranger Things which has just dropped on Netflix, ready to be binged. Although they are more grown up, season three of the sci-fi series features all of the much-loved original cast. Get ready for what they are calling their biggest cinematic season yet. 

Exhibit A


Netflix is back at it again with their incredible true crime series, this time Exhibit A–a four-part documentary that explores how innocent people have been convicted of crimes. Due to dubious forensic techniques such as touch DNA and cadaver dogs, there are extremely high numbers of wrongly convicted US citizens. The documentary hones in on four specific areas of the investigation processes and explores each through a specific case. 

Dark - Season 2 


The mystery-drama series Dark is back with a second season that is just as suspenseful and thrilling as the first. When two children go missing in a small town, the past is exposed and fractured relationships come out among four families as they search for the kids. The intricate puzzle of curious characters fills the show with twists and turns that you just won't see coming, including the supernatural elements that tie back to the same town in 1986. 

Trust Me 

TVNZ On Demand

Corporal Jamie McCain is recovering in Glasglow hospital from a spinal injury he got on active duty in Afghanistan. When other patients in the hospital begin to die around him at an alarming rate, he starts to believe there is a killer in the ward. While trying to figure out whether the threat is real or imagined, Jamie is also fighting for his recovery.

How To Get Away With Murder - Season 5

TVNZ On Demand

Annalise Keating is back in season five of How to Get Away With Murder. The criminal defence attorney meets law professor is brilliant and charismatic, but also has many dangerous secrets and lies behind closed doors. A group of her students have also become wrapped up in her dark world as they work alongside her to assist with cases at her firm. The fifth season is full of all of the suspenseful drama and twists that you know and love. 

Battle For The Moon: 1957 – 1969, From Sputnick to Apollo

History Channel

This July marks 50 years since the first moon landing and to celebrate SKY are showing a range of shows, documentaries and movies this month. This week catch Battle For The Moon: 1957 – 1969, From Sputnick to Apollo on the history channel. The documentary looks at the intense 20 year battle between America and the Soviets, and how the moon landing played a part in it. 

Image Credit: Netflix

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